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I'd say it's more about the individual provider. (eom)
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There seem to be many different reasons to choose providers based on whether they are independent or with an agency, with pros and cons on both sides.  I know this will be an over-generalization, but from a pure performance/experience perspective are there differnces in what to expect?  For instance, are agency providers more formulaic while independents are more creative?  Or are any differences completely based on the provider regardless of status?

I'd be interested in perspectives of both hobbyists and providers.

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The only generalization about women that could possibly be true is that a man can never figure them out.  Oh, and they tend to smell good, too. :-)

I prefer indies, the clock doesn't seem to get in the way as much. Plus other benefits as well.

Very insightful and true.

No correlation between indy or agency, that has nothing to do with how your experience will be.

But...I would correlate that an indy has control over who and when she sees someone so there is less of a revolving door involved.

I do know a few in larger cities who do in fact perform just as good as most indies, BUT that might be because they are making over 500 an hour so why not? In my case considering where I live, I would never be able to perform for such a low rate period. Our agencies take half here, so that would be less than $200 for fs and msog? No fkin way! The only reason I offer those things is because I am not having to see 3 and 4 guys a day. If I had to work around the clock and give up half my money, no way I would offer more than one pop and there would be NO gfe.

just are types that want to focus on getting ready, and the action part, the appt. meeting you....... I personaly like the setting up part. i like seeing there email addresses. i mlike seeing if they are on ter, and seeing whom theyve met with prior to me. I always ask for references and its great that on ter, you can look up the email and see if its true thats there alias or not , then you can see who theyve seen. I find i get alot of guys thatve seen the same woemn! as if theres a type the guys have. I get alot of guys thatve seen amber ,

However, I have read numerous posts indicating that many of the girls have appointments all day long with little or no down time in between them, and of course, they have to give the agency its cut.  Indie girls have the freedom to schedule however many appts they want to deal with on a given day.  They can also decided to take day off whenever they feel like it, don't think agency girls have that option.

Since I haven't used an agency, I really can't compare the two, and since my area has a wealth of wonderful providers, I probably never will.  I do think that sometimes a new girl starting out will have it easier using an agency than being indie.  Once she understands the biz and knows what she has to do to secure clients, then she can go out on her own.


but check out a few in NYC and LA...over a grand an hour. These girls are not seeing as many guys a day, if even multiple. Most of them make enough money to only see one guy a day, and can give their all. Add to that, many are a lot hotter than many indies charging the same rate. Just depends where you shop. :)

Thanks.  Perceptually it always seemed that Indie girks were more likely to be in the profession because they enjoy it, while agency girls it would be more likely to be just a way of making money.  Like any other profession, if you enjoy what you do every day you are going to be better at it.  

From your comments it seems that this may be true to an extent, but far from universal.

or we would all be doing it for free lol. Think about that.

Oh, that is a given.  But i have had jobs I loved doing and those I did not enjoy.  In both cases I worked for the money.  But when I loved what I was doing for a living I did it better.

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I like being independent so I have the option to stay longer with a client if he wishes.

Ain't ever seen a generalization that can't be broken, but that being said .....
Here is my two cents.

My first two providers were both agency girls, different agencies.   I had a wonderful experience and a so -so experience.  I have talked with an indie who shared the extreme pressures placed upon her to see more and more when she was an agency girl.    

As a client, it is annoying to watch the clock with the additional pressure that an outside clockwatcher will do be calling when your time is nearing its completion.  And the girls employed by an agency can have a building resentment of sharing half their fees with the agency.

I believe the pressure to see volume must affect the performance in some way.   I have only seen indie girls for over a year now, and have no reason to want to change.

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