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Good Luck Jer!!!! xoxoxo (eom)
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Just a quick question, but why do some women require 2 hour minimums?  I have heard Cindy Spice's reasons.  Is that the same reason for the other providers?

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I think to make more money.  It is a business.

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speaking from a clients point of view, i would rather have 2 hours booked and get to know something about the person, real or percieved.  everyone uses gfe well in don't happen in 60 min, besides i like the multi pop sessions and just don't recover like i did 20 years ago.  i have never met a provider that would not negotiate no matter what their website says.

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I have to agree with Rebel on this one.  Its nice to get to know who you are with before you get down to business and Im all for many rounds.  Due to the complaints I got about my two hour minimums I did go back to offering one hour sessions but I feel that Im not given enough time to give 200%.  GFEs dont happen in 30 minutes or less.btw Rebs.....You do just fine for a crotchity old sh*t. heh

I am a "virgin" when it comes to escorts, but I'm indoctrinating myself in a couple of weeks.  I tried to book two hours for each encounter for the same reasons Meghan gave.  If it was wham bam I could have bought a doll!  I want to experience a woman's company completely.  I think it would make the whole experience memorable, plus how much more exciting by knowing the person at least a little bit...I guess I'll find out soon enough!

Thanks Meghan.  I feel kinda bad I didn't schedule some time with you!  Any way, I'll post back on my experiences!

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