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Rather than visit the provider at her location, you have scheduled an outcall appointment to your hotel.  When scheduling the appointment, please be very thorough in communicating; the name of the hotel, the street address and the hotel telephone number.  This is important, because in large cities, there can be more than one Hyatt, Sheraton, etc.

You and the provider should have a clear understanding of when you will communicate the specific hotel room #.  Dependent upon what you two determine, this should be done either immediately after you check-in or at least one hour before the appointment.  Your provider may have to travel to your hotel and her commute may be an hour or more.  Most providers will not leave for the appointment until they have this information.

Meeting Outside Your Room:  In some instances, the provider may ask that you meet her; in the lobby, in the hotel lounge, or possibly at a coffee shop next door.  She may ask that you bring your identification to that pre-meeting location before accompanying you to your room.  This may be done for numerous reasons, including hotel security.  Some hotels require that you have a room key to enter the hotel after a certain time in the evening, often 8:00 or 9:00 p.m.  Other hotels have club floors which are not accessible to individuals who do not have room keys.  In other instances, the provider may wish to meet you on neutral ground so that she feels comfortable before proceeding with the appointment.  If you have scheduled an outcall appointment, you should be ready and dressed at the time the appointment is scheduled to begin, in the event the provider encounters any difficulty entering the hotel and must call you to meet her downstairs.

Identification:  The provider will ask to see your identification either in the neutral setting or your room immediately upon meeting.  Please be prepared and have whatever identification you have agreed to provide.  This may include; driver's license or passport, credit card, airline ticket stub.

Appointment Time:  If the provider is due to arrive at 8:00, it is recommended that you be ready, showered and waiting by a few minutes before. It is never a good idea to leave a provider in the hall, outside your room, waiting to come in... with you in the shower with the door closed.  

You are the Host:  Remember, the provider is visiting you.  At a minimum, as a courtesy, it is nice if you have chilled bottled water or bottled water and ice available as a refreshment.  If you have agreed to have wine or other alcoholic beverages available, they should be unpoured.  In other words, any bottle of wine should not be opened prior to the appointment.  If the bottle is opened, do not be offended if the provider declines an offer to join you for a drink.  (Sadly, there have been incidences where drinks have been drugged).  If the provider has ordered a cocktail, it is better to have it delivered by room service after her arrival so that she can see that it is fresh and unaltered.

Remember, the donation should be placed in an envelope (unsealed) in plain view at the beginning of the appointment.  Do not attempt to hand money to the provider or she may leave.  Also, do not discuss the donation with the provider during the appointment as she may become uncomfortable and leave.

If you are a smoker, and the provider is not, it is suggested that you refrain from smoking in your room before your appointment.  Some providers find cigarette smoke so offensive that they become physically ill.  

Time:  Some gentlemen will ask for an outcall appointment and spend the first half hour or hour talking.  Then, when they realize their time is running short, they feel shorted as their "play time" has been cut in half.  While relaxing and feeling comfortable is important, it is your responsibility to set the pace as the provider will follow your lead accordingly.  Again, you are the host, and she will take her direction from you.

Extending:  If you are having an exceptionally hot time, and do not want the appointment to end, it is suggested that you ask the provider if she has time in her schedule to extend an extra half an hour or hour.  It is unfair to try and prolong the appointment without offering additional payment.  She may not be a clock-watcher, but it is unfair to impose upon her good graces by prolonging the appointment.

After the fun is over, it is generally appreciated if the gentleman offers to allow the lady to take a quick shower before leaving, regardless of whether she is going to another appointment or simply going home.  

As always, tipping or gifting  is a personal choice.  It is never mandatory, but always appreciated.  I generally say that if the experience was particularly memorable, you may wish to give something extra.  Again, this is your choice entirely.  

do you give hands on instruction?  Not that the words are not well written, but some of us are tactile learners.

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Do you also have?
Take Home Exams
Multiple Cup Questions
Task Based Exams
Performance Exams

And if one passes all of the exams do they get?
BS Bachelors of Sexology
M.B.A Masters of Behavioral Arousal
PHD Potent Hobbyist Degree

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I took the exam and scored a 34.  I took it again and scored another 34  GG,

I would hate to fail your course.  If I bring you a fine wine and an apple can I at least receive a gentlemen's C.  

The C is for Clit master

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Flunk me at least twice so I can come back and try again.

I find having a variety of tampons available is a courtesy too.  I try to arrange them in a complimentary display case or a foral arrangement/basket combination.  Be sure to buy the good kind.  If you don't know what kind that is, and you are the one who pays the bills around the house, just grab from your wife's stockpile.  Money is no object when it comes to her plugs.

Also, try to pee in the toilet without raising the seat for the whole day.  That way you don't have to worry about forgeting to raise it for her when she comes over. This requires careful aim and a squatty stance to shorten the distance, but it is well worth the graitude you will receive from a very appreciative sit-down pee'er.

...also I find wearing a couple on my ears, as ear rings, when I answer the door to be the perfect ice breaker.

That has seriously got to be the most disgusting thing I have seen in a while.... WOW...

Who comes up with this crap?!

there is an entire site of "tampon" art... including silver bells, etc...  Obviously someone with too much time on their hands.

I know about the site, I have seen it before thanks to the LOVELY emails that my friends and family like to It was never that graphic though, at least not the parts I saw.

WOW...these poor guys need to get laid already! ;) Maybe then they would have something else to do with their free time.

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Every time I answer the phone in my cab I almost hit a pedestrian.  Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring

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Cum to me from distant shores and give me your wired, your horny, those yearning to be stress free !!

Objects in mirror are BIGGER than they appear!!!!

Make sure you wipe off all those nipple prints on your mirror.

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I got the talker my first time, as soon as she realized I wasnt making the move the stories about her life began and they continued after the first cup. Had  no idea what time it was and whether I could do her again, until I read her other reviews later with vip status and realized I could of gotten much more had I told her what I wanted at any point in her ramblings.

i ran across this site, didn't think i would get so much advice, and didn't think there was so much i wasn't aware of.


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