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Thanks.....I appreciate your help anyway. I felt like a complete idiot when I saw what I posted.....
krichardssc 25 Reviews 792 reads

I guess it was pretty funny when you think about it !!

This is probably a crazy question, BUT..........does anyone know of any quality ladies / providers on Grand Cayman? Thanks to everyone.........

Pretty funny, but you should have been able to just edit your original post, instead of posting a reply to it with the correction.

On the other hand, maybe it was good to leave it for the humor effect.:)

And sorry I can't help you with your actual question. Hope someone can. Good luck.

I actually thought I would catch a ton of flack for my mistype. Definately NOT a Freudian slip ____ just a plain f^#k up !!! I guarantee you that I will proof read much better for now on !!  LoL

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