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Totally scoed.... Hawaii ....might do a work-vacay there (honolulu & maui lol) soon. -e-regular_smile
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For me it would be The Hawaii. There is some hot women there and it would be a huge change from Utah. I have always wanted to take some snorkeling lessons as well. Besides there are a few people on the boards that post that would give me some great advice on getting the most seeing the local talent.

How about you. If you culd go on a hobby vacation at any "other city" location in the US where would it be and why? For the ladies, it would be a working vacation but the kind where fun is just as important as profit. For the guys just fun. Please limit it to Other cities.

And I want to go to a
place where there are
Japanese, Chinese, Korean,
Vietnamese, Thai and
Malaysian providers.

And also some Tibetian..??

But of course that would
be SE Asia.

Where could I go to find
akk these.?  NY, LA, SF
or Vegas, IDK

Just kidding! I definitely do want to go to Utah some day, but that is not my number one choice for a hobby destination. I would go for other reasons, but if I were to hobby while there, I also know I could get some insight from a few people here;)

And yes scoed, you are correct in that you would easily get some help from a few people if you were to come to Hawaii.

My favorite hobby city is probably Las Vegas because there are so many choices (tons of beautiful and well reviewed providers, plus many other fun things to do). However Vegas does not fall under the "other cities" category of TER.

Tough choice, but for other cities, maybe Pittsburg, only because when I look at the ad side of this board, there seems to be a lot of ads for Pittsburg:)

Personally, I think your expectations on the hobby side are a little inflated, but with a little planning, you could do okay.   You're sure to have a great time with other diversions.  No need for snorkel lessons.  Just get a well-fitting mask and snorkel, get to Haunauma Bay early, and you should be good to go!

I do wish more providers would put Hawaii on their touring schedule.  From what I can tell, the ones that do, do well.

Trust me, I am used to a small selection. Plus, I can think of a few I would love to get with on top of my head there and I am limited to one date a week. I think I could fill that easily enough anywhere. It is the other stuff that would make or break any hobby destination for me.

Unfortunately for heath reasons I am stuck in Utah, but I can dream.

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