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By the way care to share one of yours? EOMregular_smile
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Remember when..

Tell me what your fondest memory was of something...

I will share my fondest memory related to the hobby.

I have cancer. I have been fighting it since July but it went undetected for years. I was too sick to hobby and likely would not be hobbying for quite some time. (I have only been healthy enough for the last little bit and it is likely soon I will not be up to it again.) My son was having a real hard time coping with my deterioration do to cancer and chemo. My ATF called to check up on me as we are friends.

The next day she came over as a friend as she has in the past. She had bags of dirt, pots, gardening tools, seeds and a grow light. She talked to my son about how fresh veggies had things that help fight cancer. How scared she was when her father had cancer and how gardening gave her a way to help him fight. She helped my son plant a small indoor garden and gave my wife and I instructions on how to help him care for the garden so he could help me fight my cancer.

It made a huge difference in my son. He now was no long powerless as he had a way to help me. He is only six but he worked hard on that garden with my wife's and the nanny we hired as I got sicker help.

I know this is not your normal hobby story. She did not charge me for her time and she even paid for the stuff she brought. It is hobby rated though because my primary relationship with her is as a sex worker. Yes we are real life friends besides, but that all developed out of the hobby. She reminds me of the quality of people that are in this industry. If people just seen what some of those in this are really like attitudes would change.

Anyway this is my fondest hobby memory.

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"Remember when..

Tell me what your fondest memory was of something "

I was five and  having difficulty riding a bicycle  without the training wheels ..

  My Mom ran around the yard pushing me on my new two wheel bike until I took off on my own .

 I still see vivid details of that day with the beaming smiles we both had , like it happened a hour ago .


With the stated fact that Scoed has the most amazing story and not to be topped...For obvious reasons..and kudos to the provider who gave him that memory, here is mine, in and out of the hobby.

Out of the hobby..

Under a dollar Gas prices, Milk and bread being so cheap, Making homemade Pies, My Grandmas house in the summertime, eating watermelon at the swimming hole in cut off jean shorts, Swinging from a rope into a deep whole of water and screaming when I let go, wondering how my parents talked so low and made decisions with only their eyes and whispers and nods...

In the hobby...

My First Client, My First Overnight date, falling in LUST the first time real hard, when DE ran TER,  Meet and Greets, Ladies who helped each other, touring across the country, I could go on and on...

Book to follow..

Lots of fond memories in and out of the hobby. Hard to name one as the best or "fondest," but it would probably be meeting the President of the United States, in the White House Rose Garden.

I won't say which president, but it was a while ago;)

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