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Yes thank you Scoed! and perfectstorm too! EOM
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I would like to toast and thank scoed, for all his work in building up this once dead board!!

Scoed, I am sorry to hear you are under the weather again. Wishing you good health bro! Obviously, your family and your health are way more important than anything else, including this board. Don't worry about not posting here every day. No need to apologize to us whan you can't post. There are others now taking up the slack. We have had a bunch of photo threads. There are new people coming on with questions, that actually get answered. We had two questions about Hawaii in two days! And two people who were able to answer those! I remember this board in the past, when there were very few posts, and when there was a post with questions about a certain city, it would go unanswered for days or weeks. So anyway bud, post when you can, but take care of yourself first. Your efforts here have not gone unnoticed!

We can tell you really want
it to succeed,  Thanks for
keeping it active.  Kudos
to you and all you do!

perfectstorm and scoed.. you both rock for reviving these OTHER parts of the country!

But if it was only scoed and  me posting, the board would still be pretty boring:) We couldn't do it without you and Fallon and Heather and Kathleen and Mocha and Ex and TwasBrillig and the others!

Of course even the folks that only pop in once with a question or comment are welcome too, but it is nice to see the board is developing some regulars! :)

This board would still be dead if it was just me and/or perfectstorm. It all those that post often that make this board. Perfectstorm and I may have got the ball rolling but we are not what caries the board any more. It is all the posters on this site. Thank you all.

He paid me to talk.. giggle..kidding, It is nice to find a board without all the drama involved and a good place to still have an intelligent conversation.

Hoppy Easter all!

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