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And I forgot to mention - if you do that - don't be writing any reviews
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that mention bbfs.

Do anybody no any escorts that provide bbfs for a reasonable price,not saying I'll do it yet but thinking

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to be advertising that.   I don't know what you mean by a "reasonable price" either.  

I wont get into the risks involved in that either - I assume you are big boy and can make your own decisions about that.  If it's something you really want to do, your best bet would be to contact an agency that books pornstars for porn shoots.  Find an active pornstar that also escorts.  

You will have to comply with all of the testing requirements that would be required for a porn shoot.

Finally, you are either going to have to go to where she is or you will have to fly her to you and pay all her expenses plus whatever her rate is for a porn shoot - in other words - it's not going to be cheap.

Probably is not going to be the type of operation you want to be involved in. An agency should have nothing to do with a girl's personal choice. In my experience, the agency I know of who offered it did use soft coercion on the girls, and also grossly misinformed the girls (most of whom were educated to the high-school level at most) of the health risks they were facing. It was always the girl's choice, but she was told that if she applied a certain cream, she'd be immune from diseases, and that if she didn't do it, she'd make no money and risk her job at the agency (which would do the more hapless girls some enormous favors). I'm not even sure that the agency saw it as exploitation, but I know that a few of the girls were uncomfortable with what they were being asked to do...but honestly felt like they HAD to, for the reasons mentioned above (they OWED the agency for all it had done, and of course they would make no money if they didn't *sigh*).

But seriously, though..why?? You do realize it is our job to sleep with random men? And that agency girls in particular are more high-volume (in general) and some see up to 10 guys per day?? Just saying.

You are wasting your breath.  If someone wants to do it then they will find a way to do it.  In this day and age there is no excuse for not knowing that STD's come with unprotected sex, they go hand in hand when engaging with an "active" partner.  

The truly sad part is that many take the leap knowing full well what the consequences could be, but always with the mind set I have had sex raw plenty and never gotten burned.  Then when/if something does happen they do 2 things 1)blame the girl and 2)act like this never should have happened to them.  

If you are ready to play bare, then be willing to deal with and accept your responsibility in wanting it and seeking it out with a girl who in a year might bed 500-1000 different men without proper testing before hand.  Now you all wonder WHY we would not want to do this as a provider?  All the points above, and the fact we love ourselves to much to give up the possibility of the rest of our lives for a single bare ride.  ICKA

Sad to say, but there is a lady here in Wisconsin that explicitly states on her site that she ONLY provides BBFS.  Disgusting and unsafe.  Men give her decent reviews and she is polluting the hobby!


Most guys say it feels just like bbfs and you might have an easier time finding a lady willing to use the female condom than one offering totally bare.

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