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Taking it up a notch in Philly 25-27 June and Plymouth Mtg 27-29 June
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The soft timbre of my laugh echoes across the crowded room and his eyes look up at me as the tip of my tongue caresses my top lip. I meet his eyes over the rim of my champagne glass and I offer him a shy smile. He's been glancing my way for the past hour and a half. I wonder if he has the courage to just walk up to me and say hello.

My glass is empty and I pass it off to a passing waiter and my empty hand feels alone without the comfort of a glass to hold in front of me. I slide my hand along the suit clad arm of the man next to me and whisper in his ear. He's off to find me another glass of champagne. My nervousness at being here has nothing to do with the sight of my admiring stranger's deep brown eyes glancing over at me again and again.

I'm not going to push the issue. I like a man to go for what he wants not stand around like a school boy waiting for the woman to do all the work. I turn my back on him and engage the flame haired beauty next to me in a lively conversation. The curves she's barely keeping hidden beneath her sheik black dress are tantalizing and I can't help but think about what her curves would taste like on my tongue. I imagine swirling my tongue around her puckered nipple and biting it gently beneath my teeth. I think she can sense my admiration. Her nipples are taut little beads beneath her dress and she's moved ever closer to me. I'd love to have her legs wrapped around my head and her hands fisted in my hair.

The inevitable execution of my seduction will take time, but I think I can make it happen. I've nearly forgotten about my unremarkable admirer when I hear a throat clear to the left of me. I glance up and my breath hitches as I look directly into his dark gaze. His lips are full and open slightly in a smile revealing his white teeth. The dark tan of his skin makes me wonder if he spends his days on a boat languishing at sea or if that's just his natural skin color.

I look between the two of them and do declare that the end of this night will be much more fulfilling than the beginning....

If you'd like to see what happens next in this little story please take some time to visit my blog as I'll be posting the beginning, middle, and end there throughout the week.

My Schedule

June 11-14 DC Dupont Circle
June 14-15 Baltimore, MD

June 25-27 Philadelphia, PA Downtown
June 27-29 Plymouth Meeting, PA

Until we meet,
Rae Monroe

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