Expanding on the thoughts of the post further down on the page concerning "golden showers".....
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Is it usually the norm that a Dom will only use your body to shower her golden nectar upon or are there really instances where she may let go her entire stream into the subs open mouth ?
I've yet to find a review or a lady that details this particular humiliation practice.

This may read as a silly question but what are the possible health concerns if any from ingesting another persons urine ? Google says urine contains about 95% water, urea, uric acid, Sodium Chloride, fatty acids, enzymes and carbohydrates. I guess the practice of drinking urine is not performed by those who follow the Atkins diet.

Is it really possible that a Dominant peeing in a submissives mouth can be somewhat sexually or otherwise satisfying for the Dom ?

Troubled minds need to know.

There can be bacteria present and it is no longer sterile. Chlamydia and Gonorrhea can be spread though urine for example. That is why it is detectable in urine tests. Piss exposed to air for more tha a few minutes is also not sterile as certain airborne strands bacteria thrive in it and will quickly grow in it it. Some of these strands can make you sick if ingested. Also note many drugs exit the body and drinking a persons piss that is on them cold dose you with that drug. In interest of full disclose of risk, I had to point this stuff out.

Drinking piss is not more dangerous than DATY, though and most of us take that risk. Fresh from the body piss from a healthy person is sterile and safe to drink on occasion. Not to often as it does have toxins that the body is trying to expel. I have not played in that way at this time but I have done the home work.

Since no one answered your question about the act itself (thank you, scoed, for the great info though, always smart to know so you can be prepared), I thought I'd chime in here :)

As a bottom, and with my personal Top, I have been showered and I have drunk from his golden fountain ;) but we are fluid bonded and have been for many years. In a session, I will only allow on me, and I definitely find it a turn on, but not necessarily humiliating.

As a Top, I have yet to have a session where someone wanted to drink from my fountain ;) Clean up duty, yes, but most prefer it ON them, and I love to piss on a guy's cock while he is masturbating furiously....such a marking of the territory feeling, so to speak :D



I have loved GS since I began exploring BDSM, having been grabbed by my hair, thrown into the shower and covered with my (then) partners piss.  I love the taboo, I love the smell, I love the animalistic marking of it, I love the taste and I love the warm feel of it running down me/in me.

For sessions, because your pee carries traces (or more than traces) of any medicine you are taking, drugs you take, and the medical journals go back and forth about carrying HEP C, I have my test which tells you I have been tested within 30 days and am clean.  I don't take drugs and i do not take any medicine.  You may opt to drink or not.

I do not drink my clients pee to keep my body safe, and I do allow GS on my body, not my face, not directly in any holes.

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