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The Ivy on Eros. The Red Ivy website.  The IVY on CL is actually a decent provider.

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TS IVY in new york..Ive seen her website.and she looks really hotand very classy but also tres expensive..anyone know aabout her..Travels a lot it seems..thanks

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I just saw her.  Her reviews are unevn.  All I can say is that she was beautiful, friendly, attentive and a great top.  YMMV but I thought she was wonderful

I met Ivy at her incall in NYC.  She is BY FAR the best ts girl I've been with.  She is hung like a fucking horse and fucks hard.  She had me whining.

I thought she was based in LA.  I called her once, but I thought I got attitude on the phone, and I'm a really polite guy.  I don't remember the details now, but I know I decided to pass.  The only other girl who gave me more attitude on the phone was Mia - I drove to SM to meet her, and then she told me she was "on her way" and could I come back in a couple of hours.  Well, no, I couldn't.  When I pointed out that she could have called me and saved me the trip, she got all self-righteous, and said she was doing me a favor even answering the phone.  Yeah, that one was ruder than Ivy.

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wow..thanks.. she seemed very international hot  and big..oh well

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