Brianna Banks
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check out her ad on eros.shayla stiles blurrs her face out .she a f-cking porn star!you can't make this shit up!what next,brad pitt becomming an under cover cop!LMAO!

....i've read of some porn stars and  some video vixens vehemently denying being escorts even tho they've been doing it for yrs.  Could it be some see this as being on the lower rungs of "adult entertainment"?  *shrugs*

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Some in that industry will talk alot of smack about girls who escort on the side of their porn career. If you ask me the people who are on the production side are scared that the girls will end up skipping out on porn careers for this once they get a bit of notieriety. In many ways the porn route is alot more strenuous than escorting.

If she wants to hide and blur her face, seems to me like she would use a different stage name.  Only problem with that, is then who would recognize her and pay the fee she is probably asking?


exactly.makes no sense at all.a couple agencies send some porn stars out here,but for $1,500-$2,000 for 1hr,sorry,not for me

Well one complaint, she is not staying in Cincy/Dayton, like all the other big stars from that outfit that represents her has sent to Ohio, only Cbus and Cleve.

They could have put the Geico geckos head on her shoulders and I would still be booked with her if she was staying closer, as it is too much of a drive to and fro for an hour stay.

You still want her Tallslim?
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Staying pretty busy with work right now but when some time can be freed up and secured I might be interested. Still not sure if I can rationalize a 4 hour round trip though to Cbus - I know, I am no fun.

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