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Yes what your searching for does exist.

Not quite sure where this belongs. Not really in search of yet.
I am curious about the world of BDSM, and am considering trying it out.
For obvious reasons I don't want to start out hardcore.
I mean I don't want to end up naked in her driveway while she starts her car to run over my sack.
Also. From what I've gathered, most BDSM sessions are not full service.
So basically what I am looking for is a PSE with some rope, a blindfold, and maybe a whip.
Does this exist? Anyone know of a provider in NY who offers such a thing?
To clarify,  I want to be the submissive party.

you'll probably get better responses on those boards.

Good for you! Venturing out of your comfort zone.  BDSM play can be so much fun if you have the right partner to try with.  Just remember to have your safe words like Red: Stop, Yellow: slow down and Green: Give me more! :)  If you ever get to Los Angeles, I would be happy to tease you in a safe and sane way.

is what it sounds like you are looking for.  You want to be dominated but you want a sexual encounter as well and not much into pain/torture like some BDSM sessions.

Over on the BDSM board you might find someone in your area that offers sensual bdsm.

I do light fetish and roleplay as part of my Sensual FemDom dates.

Some day I need to visit San Diego!

I am nowhere near the "hardcore Domme" but love to incorporate sensual domination, tease and denial, body worship (my body lol), spanking and strap on into my GFE sessions.


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