Another man's pube in the shower
decadentxy 32 Reviews 6851 reads

Girls & Women,

Puhleez have clean towels, clean shower rug, and a reasonably clean shower.
Especially if you're charging $$$ for incall.
I showered.  My eye caught sight of a pube in the back of the shower which was not mine.  
My pubes don't have so many crinkles in it ;-)
only 1 dirty, stained towel. So I used toilet paper roll to dry off - lol

Cheezus H

TheFuzzyBear3980 reads

Imagine my thoughts lifting the lid on the toilet and seeing a condom from the last guy floating in there.

this may be stupid,but one of the main reason i rarely see visiting girls anymore is that unless it's a 10:00am meeting,what# guy are you that day?one vivsting girl said she avg.8 guys/day(she did exagerate on other things,but still if iam#4...).what are the chances they're inspecting the shower
(or much else)after 5,6+guys?just another reason for sticking with my favs

....these traveling ladies (your locals too) would check the shower (i've bought my own stuff to clean the shower as well) since they have to shower too before & after a client (whether she sees 2 in a day or eeeek 8  o_o). Do you think we want to get into a hairy, greasy shower? Come on.

Local. But similar issues with both visitors & locals.

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