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I cannot stand this. I think it is very disrespectful to keep cancelling or just not show!! Have some respect for the women that make sure you are getting what you crave!!!

These women take care of you, take care of them!!!

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"These women take care of you"

Sounds like a statement made buy a man, not a woman. Are you the provider and do you answer your own phone?

Saw Kimber's reviews/pics and I have to say I wouldn't cancel on her. No fucking way in hell.

The not answering the phone deal I have no idea with her cuz I've not tried to call her yet. 'Yet' being the operative word. ;)

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Let me say this: If I receive a call sometimes I can't make it to the phone. Plus, I take this seriously, I require references, so if I get a voicemail saying they have references I will call back, if I don't get a voicemail or someone that doesn't say they have references then I don't call back, I don't waste their time or mine. Simple enough.

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"I have references" in order to get a call back?

Smart hobbyists leave a first name and a contact time if they want a call back. They don't agree to screening info on a recording.

I can see that you are too labor intensive to attempt.

Though, I agree it wouldn't be smart to say 'Hey. I'm Joe. I'd like to see you so here's my references. Call me at 1-800-fuck-me, please.'

I think a reasonable solution would be 'Hey. I'm Joe. I saw your ad and would like to get together sometime. Please call me at said number.

She could then call you back if she likes. Email works too, if your fingers aren't broke.

I've called ladies and said 'Hey. This is MP67. How's it going?' They said 'I know who you are.' Said 'Uh oh. That don't sound good.' They laughed and said 'No. It's good.' then it went on from there. They checked my references, some before I even asked, and in no time it was good to go.

Try it sometime, but lose the alias.

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I will use an alias whenever I feel like it, jackass.
You are a stalker, and have no business giving anyone around here any advice.

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I will use an alias whenever I feel like it, jackass.
You are a stalker, and have no business giving anyone around here any advice.

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on a provider's recording?

I think you should lady up and tell me why I have to leave more then a name and contact time on a provider's recording. I am listening.

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I didn't see where she said "leave your references", I saw "I reply if the caller says he has references".

Sounds like you don't feel the need to do any of the work.  Guess your handle fits.

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