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Kudos, Doctor, kudos! RT Impressed & Out
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OK, I've just noticed that I've submitted over 200 reviews.  A few were rejected, some for dumb reasons, some I understand.  I've probably seen double that number, but didn't submit reviews for a variety of reasons, usually, they were out of the country or I was too busy.  I'm not boasting, if anything, I'm a little embarrassed by the number.

A few thoughts:
1) I love women, many different types of women
2) I believe in 'to each his own' and 'YMMV'.  As long as everyone is a willing participant and there is no coercion or violence.
3) I have spent as much as $2k and as little as nothing for 'dates' (the $2k was an UTR actress and the nothing was a regular who gave me a date for my birthday)
4) I truly believe that everyone I have been with, was there of their own free will.  I've met women through all sorts of situations throughout the world, from the AMPS to redlight districts to highend brothels to agencies to independents.  And yes, that includes the LA K-girls whom lately I often end up seeing when I am in LA - I have had the chance to go to Korea a few times and actually got to see a couple of the girls I had seen here.  Neither were in the business anymore, I took them out for nights on the town, one slept with me, the other didn't.  


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