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Very good advice. Also sometimes you just do not click for her. No worries. Their are many ladies out there.

my question is this:  i assume there are people whom, after one session, you would just as soon never seen again.

putting aside the why or how you refuse a second date, i wonder, what percentage of the folks you see do you eagerly see a second or more time?

also, any hints as to what makes a client a second-timer in your book would be appreciated.

i have recently (last few months) been refused for a second date by two ladies, and then accepted eagerly (at least they acted that way lol) for repeat business by two other ladies.

i'm pretty much the same guy all the time.  thoughts?

Okay, that was a good one.  But seriously gilxner it is hard to say.  They could have been tired that day or the other ones might have really needed the business.  There is no telling with that.  The only way I have been able to tell for sure if my business was really welcomed again has been a PM later offering to knock 50 off next time for repeat business.  Although so far I have never been turned down for repeat business either so there could be something you do wrong on occasion.  As I said before, there is no way of telling on that.

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i had to re read my last sentence to understand your joke.  but if the girl didn't see me a second time, the joke doesn't work.

any way, what i really wanted to know is, how many clients does a lady see more than once?

not an actual number, but maybe a percentage.

one lady i just saw (for the second time) told me she turns down about 7 out of 10 guys who ask her out a second time.  i'm sure she was blowing a lot of smoke to make me feel good, but it did make me curious...what percentage of clients are different ladies willing to see more than once?

what makes the ideal, repeat gentleman is different for every lady.  obviously, having good hygiene, manners, being punctual, not haggling or being too overbearing (prior to and after meeting) are things every gentlemen should posses to even be considered as a regular.  

personality and chemistry are very important in deciding if i would see someone again.

i think this question is something you should pose to these two ladies.  if a gentlemen were to inquire with me as to why i would not see him again, i would happily inform him of why.  

remember, there is always room for improvements on both ends (provider and client).

As usual, I agree with almost everything you say, VJ, have no trouble picturing you telling someone EXACTLY what he had done wrong but will quibble with your conclusion, I can't for the life of me think of how you can be improved upon!  ;-)

I've seen a lot of girls here, gotten to know some of the pretty well and the one thing I've learned for sure it they're just like women, only more so.  You've got a respectable amount of reviews, seen some pretty well-known providers and been doing it since 2007 so you must be doing something right.  Shrug it off and always remember: it's a buyer's market here!

...than second place NY.  In fact, LA has 11% of TER providers in the entire US.  You could see a different provider every single day of the year and not get back to the first one for FORTY YEARS! (Of course, after 40 years, you'll  both look like shit).

It's like restaurants -- LA has so many good ones, you never have to eat at the same place twice.  You may try  some different ones but you keep going back to your favorite because they treat you well and they know what you like.  That's fine, but you'll never know what you're missing if you don't keep searching for the best restaurant out there.

Gilxner, if they don't want to see you again, it's their loss, not yours.  Yours is not to reason why, just fuck your brains out 'til you die.

I know the guy is a nice person and I can really relax.  ALso, I try to remember the little things that really got his attention... and do that extra.  Hints, be a gentleman, you dont have to push the magic buttons too hard.  We are soft and nice not a car part so please dont let your finger be like a piston.  Be clean and have fresh breath..... just be a nice guy.

Too bad we didn't hear more from the ladies. This was a good question.

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