Los Angeles

Piper will be in Vegas starting tomorrow
ShillBill 340 reads

why wait, just fly or drive to Vegas, she'll be there all weekend. Just remember to eat your wheaties!

I would like Piper to visit L.A. so if anyone else is interested maybe drop her a line and maybe she will come for a visit.

I thought she retired but I see she has recent reviews. Ill drop her a PM.

ShillBill341 reads

why wait, just fly or drive to Vegas, she'll be there all weekend. Just remember to eat your wheaties!

...believes in that old saying: "You can't keep a good man down" because she's back to keeping them up.

I got a text from her last Friday telling me that she was going to be in LA this week.....I did not realize that she changed her plans. If I was not layed up from knee surgery I was going to see her..... She is one of my ATF's!!!!  :-)

If she is in Vegas I agree that you should jump in the car and make the road trip! :-)

Setting the record straight-I went to a party in Miami in February-4 days before my retirement day. ( I tried last year, but after I got pneuonia, hit 6 blizzards, a tornado, an earthquake and a hurricane in the space of 6 months, I decided to do what I always do and let things unfold :)..Back to the party-I walked in going "what am I thinking being here when I am done in 4 days?" I walked out 5 hours later going "WTF am I thinking leaving this wonderful existence?" (This is after I rocked the worlds of a bunch of babes and they rocked mine..those that know me when I start gushing I start jonesing for more and demand for hours to "do it again!" So over ythe balcony overrlooking the water "Do it again!" My leg up over someone's shoulder.."Do it again!" The bartender..."Do it again!" A couple who this was their first party..."Do it again!" Someone even called the police because I was screaming from coming so much over and over;) I walked in knowing only the girl who invited me (and of course all the guys) I walked out having all the girls going "Oh my God-I love Piper!' and the others were like "I love Piper...you get the picture:)
Anyhoo, made a conscious decision to not go anywhere. Started another company, but figured a way to do both. I get the comment alot that I a hotter and hornier than ever and I know for myself that my sexuality grows eveeryday, I get people tell me how life-changing I am. I get to see old friends who are STOKED I am staying and I am a downright f'in HAPPY girl!!!! ;)
I have a new website being created as we speak-I just had a photoshoot on Friday with 3 more slated for the next 4 weeks. The website will have a schedule, tons of diverse pictures representing the many facets that make up my crazy brand and I will finally be advertising (with a good amount of time notification and many options to choose from. I am even offering MFM to couples and women w/ my pal Vin Armani from the show Gigolos and MFM for any 2 men who can take on the challenge of doing "Hurricane Piper;)
Glad to be back baby! ;)
P.S. I gotta remember or have my assistant start poasting pix here...coming soon! ;)

And I was in LA-for a day and a night-zoomed to San Diego after that...again-moving target;)
Get that damn knee better so you can pound me doggie style baby! (as one of our many, many, many postions and activities;)
Love you!!!!

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