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Don't forget Coke-Zero (eom)teeth_smile
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As someone else mentioned on another post Kgirls are changing names left and right. Does anyone know if Zuno is now Eloa? Or if Minnie is now Summer?

Zuno is not Eloa. Different pics and Eloa is too tall.
Zuno is in Korea. May come back.
Can't really tell with Summer. Maybe. Maybe not.

By the way is it a faux pas to ask about the name changes? Do bookers want to keep their stealthy moved on the dl? Seems strange to me they want to change the name of a popular girl but maybe they just want to keep things fresh.

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“Did some of you guys suggest cute names to the K agencies?”

* For us who don’t know Korean, the pedigree of many cute names are not immediately obvious, to wit, Ara, Hara, Minju, Seela, Solla, Silo, Miro, Kami, Sua, Boa, Hyori, Sina, Mico, Zuno, Momo, Rani, etc.

* Then of course there are cute ones with obvious Western pedigree: Sexy Lohan, Wynn, Aria, Summer, Pepsi, etc.

(I’m still waiting for 7-up, Diet Sprite and Palace Hilton.)

Named after the high-fashion brand, I suppose. Super cute girl, too!

Personally, I would be all over a sweet asian provider with a name such as donut, lemon bar, macaroon, coffee cake, Goodyear, Pocky, lady hump hump, organic honey, fruit wrap, tapas, A&W, Sexy Best Western or even Tide.

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Funny you mention this.  I actively try to name the girls.  I've yet to get one accepted, but I'm determined (and I gotten close once).  But I don't know a lick of Korean (only how to lick a Korean), so I'm sure the names I'm coming up with aren't translating well.

Would love to learn the pedigree of the names you listed.  Put em up!


.....on my bucket list too!!!


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I visited a K doll one day, ATF I'd seen 7-8 times, and when we'd finished the main event she pulled out her laptop and started showing me new photos she had just had taken and told me she was going to change her name. She showed me two names and wanted to know which one I liked more. Her prior name was very Western (Wxxxx), the new names were more clearly Korean. I gave her my preference but she (or her booker) picked the other one (Rxxx). I always wondered why she changed (BTW, i never reviewed her).
So my thoughts on why the name change:
1) brings in a different clientele, ie a more Korean name may make it more likely a Korean gent will call
2) escape a bad review or reviews: won't work for long if your service is really bad
3) reboot your career from a slow start: even without a bad review a slow start could be refreshed with a new name and new photos
4) escape a stalker bad guy
5) this was a well reviewed provider (pretty much all 8-9-10s, nothing below 7), 60+ reviews, i thought perhaps business had slowed and this was to reinvigorate things (and I think it worked BTW). us K-boppers are a fickle group, always looking for the next new super star...little "brand loyalty".
6) a way to change your service profile, perhaps you want a new set of ground rules, no more rimming, no more bbbj, etc

That prevents a provider having the same name as....my MOTHER!!! There's a very popular K-Girl with my mother's name. I won't even look at her CV thumbnail. I don't wanna spend the next 10 years of my life in therapy.

My mom's name tops yours, her name is Coke..ahem..Coke Classic..

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Good one Papa!

Which one of you guys will be the first to do blindfolded taste test?

Like Vito Corleone says'' Make him an offer he can't refuse?"

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Which one of you guys will be the first to do blindfolded taste test?

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