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I think he went on record a few months ago that there was almost no chance
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he would return to the suns

Will Steve Nash Return to the PHX Suns next year?  Or will he change teams.  I know he has been with the franchise for years.

Dear Stephanie:
Keep in mind after July 1 there will be a major market of teams that will need a traditional point guard if they are going to have a chance to win a championship. After Mr. Williams of the New Jersey Nets, he should be next most highly sought after player at that position. Thus it is an extremely small chance that he will stay there since he is in the twilight of his career. The only way now is if phoenix makes several strong move to prove that it will be a strong contender in the west next year. Other than that expect to see him with a major contender next year with major money once it is determined what the salary cap will be by mid to late July.

as general partner of the team, he has shown, time and again, that he will not spend the money need to bring the Suns up to par with the teams in the West, either by retaining players, or signing free agents. With that being said, if there isn't a supporting cast for Nash, my guess, he'll be gone next year.

It's the old story,  rich guy (sarver) not really being rich enough (and his partners as well) to own a professional sports team. It's gotten so bad they can't even sell out US Airways Center anymore. I believe they rank about 20 th in the league in home attendance. Boy! do  I miss Jerry Colangelo!

as GM and he got rid of D'Antoni because Kerr didn't like the way D'Antoni coached.

Ever since, they have tried to play a brand of BB that does not match their roster and typically not associated with the Suns. JMO

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