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And the exciting kickoff return will go by way of the slinky. H I S T O R Y. eom
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College football is moving the ball to the 35-yard line for kickoffs, and touchbacks will be moved to the 25-yard line. The changes will be in effect for the 2012 season and are supposedly being implemented to make kickoffs safer.  As with anything else, time will tell if the results are as hoped for.

every player has to run backwards on all kickoffs , punts, sweeps and pass plays. They'll only be able to run forwards in between the tackles except for the safeties and CB. They'll have to run backwards because over 15 yards they can gain too much momentum.

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The pro game got a lot less interesting last year thanks to all the touchbacks.  Now, NCAA football will now be just as boring.  Talk about a step in the wrong direction.

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