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Probably more appropriate and appreciated by the guys on the Sports Talk Board. eom
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Disagree - very cool - and I am a Carolina alum so you know how painful that was to say!  :-)

Dude - you are clearly not a college hoops fan.  To hate like this is to love forever....

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which was my original point.  Why isn't this on the Sports Talk board where everyone is happy to talk about Coach Kaysyxlwwoydko?

And too be honest with you I didn't mean to post it on this board...but it happened!
I hope Valentines day, today is a better day for you.

the harsh response?  I thought this was supposed to be the friendlier, more laid back board without all the sniping and nastiness?  If we can post about Whitney Houston, why not this?  At least he fits the Over 60 category.  Lighten up!!

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