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I guess the "Fire Tom Coughlin" website has shut down, for now anyway. eom
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At his age, he will probably coach 3-4 more years anyway.

Someone should start a website.

You have to know that this is just killing Sexy Rexy! Maybe this off-season, he'll keep his mouth shut and concentrate on coaching football rather than giving his "hey-look-at-me" press conferences.

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Well the GIANTS  took your pretty boy Brady to the wood shed kicked his ass, them his wife had to try to stand up for him.

You're Welcome

But first
2012 = 28

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The Giants have beaten the top 3 seeded teams consecutively, and two of those games were on the road in playoff games as underdogs. They found ways to win against very different teams and were clearly the BEST team at the end of the season.  It's not about records or stats, but getting hot and winning when it counts ! I hate ignorant sore losers.

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