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As Iron stated... every business writes off some things to good will.

I don't think you could get more GFE than what you did. I would only hope that the clients take that same view.

I had two situation happen to me last week, that are worrying me alot.

First Gentleman:
Came over he was very nice and polite. He sat the envelope down, stated he would be staying for the hour. He told me that he really wanted to go Greece. I told him no problem, that I specialize in trips to Greece.  We did just a little four play, cause he really wanted to go to Greece. Okay I lube up, he puts a cover on .... he gets a inch into my a@@ and blows his load (shit!).

Okay, he is getting dressed telling me he is a one shot men. However, he paid for a hour session? What do I do? So, the only thing I could think of was was to invite him back for a half hour session at his convenience.

Second Gentleman:

He and I have been meeting over a period of two years. He laid his $$$ down, and went to take his shower like always. He comes out we chat a little and then I start my oral play. Some thing is funny a little different? The little guy always rises to attention , when I do my oral play.So, no big deal I try this, try that, hang from the ceiling,and then it seem that the little guy enjoyed face fucking....his ejection for that was short lived.

Now, he paid for an hour now we are into 90mins of the session. He says to me it may have been the Blood Pressure medication I took before the session. YOU THINK!!!!!!! So, here I go again I told him, he could come back later in the week for an half hour session. So, we could have a rock hard explosion!

In both situations, I wanted to do what I felt was fair without feeling I was treating myself unfairly.

I would like to ask the Ladies how would you have handle it.

I would like to ask the Gents how would you liked it to have been handled?

Rose Passion

For the first guy that paid for Greek, and only lasted about 10 or 15 minutes or so, and paid the hour. Well, some men are like that. I am sometimes am like that also. Sometimes I come to a session, and if I am tired, even though I paid the hour, I might just stay for 15 to 30 minutes. I pay the hour because I like to take my time, and, I pay the hour for piece of mind. As long as I am satisfied, that is the only part that matters. Some guys probably want two cups within an hour, however, for that specific guy, he  said that he can't go two cups. So, there is really not much he can do. If he wanted to stay and enjoy your company, talk, and cuddle, he would have done so. However, don't be discourage. He probably was tired or had other things to do. Don't over think it.

You offered him a half hour session in the future, which is more than most providers will do. So, that's a plus. Honesty, some guys just want to get it done, and leave.

Now, I am trying to make sense of the second guy. He paid you an hour session but overstayed by 30 minutes, which in total is 90 minutes. And, you invited him back for a half hour session in the future. And I would suppose that would be for free. Well, I don't know how to proceed because I don't understand the logic behind that. Maybe I am reading it incorrect or have comprehension issues, so, please feel free to clarify and I will reply to your post. Thanks!

Yes, he over stand 30 mins. I felt bad that he could not get his little guy to stand at attention, so I offer him a half hour anyime this week.

Rose Passion

Hello Miss Rose,
IMHO, you handled both scenarios wonderfully:) Just remember, when a gent pays for the hour it is for your ever two concenting adults choose to spend that time;) xoxo-vivie

and I think it's the experience is what will bring them back again and again, not the act or intention of what was achieved in their session or what wasn't. I think the tactic that you're using is good if there were surmounting issues that would have totally soured the appointment, but you already gave the 2nd dude your time, and was sympathetic to his situation so you shouldn't feel bad about that. Such is life. If you know both dudes won't take advantage of your "freebies" then keep trekking! But, I think a lot of human behavior is shaped by how you let people treat you, so if they know oh, well, I can see her whenever empty handed, they might try to use this to their advantage and disrespect your business.

Oh, and  Rose, you have a PM!


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I think you handled it correctly.  We are not machines and sometimes our bodies rebel.

I own a business and sometime I do everything right but things just don't work out.  I will do the same thing you did (sorta) and give the client something back.  It really just good business.

As Iron stated... every business writes off some things to good will.

I don't think you could get more GFE than what you did. I would only hope that the clients take that same view.

I recently saw a frequent BP provider. I only hobby about 5-6 times a years. But to the point, I had requested an hour session. After several cups, she asked if I would like any thing else. I requested Greek and told her I had never done it. She said she doesn't often but agreed and I gave the additional donation.
After about 10 minutes of attempting we both gave up. She offered a refund but I declined. I'm not a frequent flyer but I'll re-visit.

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