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GIANTS 45-42 OVER PATS IN OT, EOMteeth_smile
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To find a player with 4 superbowls is impressive especially where he came 6th round. Its evident Drew Henson passion for baseball destroyed  his NFL career. Its proof football is not a gift, its hard work you have to continue working at. It takes brains to be a top flight quaterback, henson was spoiled an never worked at his skill. Another valuable information by yours truly, MR. SPORTS ENCYCLOPEDIA.

You may be dumb-posterior, but other than your constant name change (and the fact your opinions are completely/consistantly wrong), until your most recent 'change', your Boston obsession/hatred was a given.
But looking at this/the last thread tells me you need to up the dosage, en-psycho-pedia!!

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Given that the Giants own NY/NJ now and the not the Jets according to Mike Francesa and the Pats embarassed the Jets this year, it's obvious as his blatant ignorance of sports he will jump on one of those team's bandwagon.

Another college boy played baseball so well in college he was signed by the Yankees and batted nearly .350 for their Oneonta, NY minor league team.  It was only when he was drafted into the NFL he chose football over baseball.  He's not very well known and never did much in football, so you probably never heard of him.  His name is John Elway.  So much for baseball destroying an NFL career.  Drew Henson failed because he was no Elway.  You fail beause you think you know everything but constantly demonstrate you know nothing.  What a pathetic fool you are.

...just like your picks of the Falcons, Packers and Niners.

No way will this be shoot-out...the Giants D is too good for that.  So is the Pats D, of late.  This one will be more along the lines of a classic, competitive epic that likely will go not be decided until the final moments.  This could go either way; my numbers are based on my hoped for outcome....

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