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NEW YORK NEW YORK, now its time to embarass boston again. lol go giants. eom
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One thing you have to know is that the Pats aren't drinking in the locker room, and Belichick learns from past mistakes so you best bring your "A" game.

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The game I watched, no, make that the games I watched yesterday showed some pretty good defenses on both side of the ball.

I say this with the knowledge that the game is front loaded for offense. The SF - Giants game had some pretty good defense.

So Giants vs Patriots, I don't know. Giants has a better defense, NE has Brady and Belicheck, maybe the top 3 all time qb and coach. Yea, I said "All Time". (except on occasional 4 and 1 calls).

I don't think I will ever forgive him for that. LOL

and 23 pts bears that out.

And the Ravens 20 pts is a credit to the NFL's 2nd worse "statistically" ranked defense. All it proves is that STATS don't tell the whole story.

Anyone who knows football knows that.

G-men by 3 over Pats.

Ask Ron Jeremy. lol

Just quoting Bear Bryant and Mike Ditka. The Pats averaged 38 plus points per game during the regular season.  When Pats played Giants (twice) and Steelers (once) they scored 16 -20 points and lost. Shudda lost to Bmore but for choke-a-saurus Condiff.  Gee, maybe I missed it, but didn't defense bat the ball from Evans, cause if not, then Bmore wins the championship -- oh, wait a minute, defense doesn't win championships.

Defense beat Greenbay.

Defense slowed Saints although the end was a shoot out.

Giants and 49ers played defense all night.

I defer to Bryant and Ditka.

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