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Sensual Rosebud & Prostate Massage (East Bay & SF)
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"Problem is, you ain't been loved like you should. What I got to give will sure 'nuff do you good."

Hello there,

Are you a respectful gentleman who is a connoisseur of touch (or one who would like to be)?
Are you a respectful gentleman who understands the benefits of a great prostate massage (or one who would like to learn)?
Are you a respectful gentleman who enjoys being the center of attention?
If so, have I got a session for you!


Or are you a man who has wanted to explore prostate pleasure but has been put off by stereotypes about what "real" men like? Enjoying prostate massage does NOT mean you are "really" gay or "really" bisexual. What it means is you are an adventurous sort that doesn't let the ill-informed opinions of others stand in the way of your pleasure.  Trust me, straight chicks dig straight guys like that. ;-)

Let me show you what you've been missing!


Perhaps you are a man who tried prostate massage in the past & found that it hurt?  

Let me show you how good it feels with a practitioner who knows how to get your body begging for it!


I like to give a rosebud & prostate massage in the context of Pelvic Release Work.  I start you off with some deep breathing and passive stretching. During the massage I gently turn & twist your legs & back in particular ways that help facilitate the relaxation & opening of the pelvis.  

I like to give a very slow & intentionally sensual massage. I like to revel in the feel of your skin under my hands. I like to pay attention to your breath and how it changes when I do something that you particularly enjoy, or when I come upon a knot of tension. I like to make sure that my hands come into loving contact with as much of your body as possible.

Then I move into a Rosebud Massage.  This is where I start to "communicate" with your butt. Honestly I like this part so much, we could spend half the massage just on your rosebud. It might be my favorite part of the session. Why do I like it so much?: I like blowing my hot breath on your rosebud & watching it quiver; I like slowly pouring massage oil on your butt & watching it coat your starfish; I like tracing the folds of your starfish lightly, my finger like soft little kisses. I like playing with the muscles of your sphincter, feeling it grab my finger & slowly pull me in. I don't believe in false modesty, so I will say I am very, very good at this.

Once you pull me in, I like to go gently exploring. I like to massage your you-know-what from the inside (there's a spot I like to call "the c spot"). When I finally reach your prostate, I like to give a variety of strokes. Do you like a firm "doorbell" move? Maybe you prefer the "windshield wiper" motion? Or perhaps you're more of a circular massage kinda guy? If you know, tell me. If you don't know, we'll discover it together.

And don't worry, I don't ignore the front of you during the prostate massage. ;-)

I love the way you arch your back to get more of my finger inside you.  I love the way your toes curl.  I love the way your muscles clasp & release me. I love the sounds of your moans as you get closer & closer to the edge.  I love bringing you to the edge repeatedly or bringing you just to the edge & keeping you there for as long as possible. I love the sounds you make once you finally spurt all over one hand while clenching on the other.

My sessions are for those of you who like to lay back & receive (rather than for those that prefer to be action-oriented). Those that prefer a pampering touch that requires nothing from you, other than to enjoy the sensations flooding through your body. Just lie back & let me work my magic.

I am one of those people that truly derive sensual pleasure from giving rather than receiving. Giving your body pleasure is what turns me on. Focusing on your body, teasing you, reveling in your sighs & moans, feeling the pulse of your heartbeat against my finger(s), watching you watch me pleasuring you, this is what makes me wet.  Receiving sensual touch distracts me from that particular pleasure, so if you want to truly please me, allowing me to focus all of my attention & skills on your body is the way to do it.

Here's some more information about me: I go by Chakra Kahn (dating myself, I know), but my buddies call me CK & I hope that will soon do the same! I'm a thick and curvalicious Black Beauty. I'm a Brown Thick Sista ("red beans & rice did miss her") with bodacious cleavage, mischievous eyes, a gorgeously wicked smile, and a Chaka Kahn 'do.

I'm a CMT trained in pelvic work at Body Electric.  The man who taught me prostate massage was nicknamed "The Avatar of @ss" & what he didn't know about the prostate hasn't been invented yet. :)


I have two locations for you to choose from:

I have two locations:
On Sundays, Mondays, & Thursdays I'm in Berkeley. My private & cozy space in Berkeley is near public transportation, & the highway, & there's free on-street parking available.  The last times are the times I have to be finished.
Sundays 1-7pm
Mondays 11am-4pm
Thursdays 10am-8pm (no same-day appts after 5pm)
I'm not available Sunday, June 10th; Monday June 11; or Monday, June 18.
Instead I will be available Tuesday June 12 & 19.

On Wednesdays 12-10pm I'm in San Francisco in a wonderful private space just steps from a BART stop.
June 6, 13
Starting in July 2nd & 4th Wednesdays only

Because my days are so limited, the best way to ensure that you can get an appointment at the time/day you desire one, is to book at least 1 day ahead.  Same day appts may be available, but I'll need at least 3 hours advance notice.

My rates:
(hour sessions available to returning clients only)

Can't wait to see you!

Open your @ss and your heart and mind will follow.
~Chester Mainard

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