Somewhere near Cincy! (Always missed you in Denver.)
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Would love to see you here in Cincy!

I need some helpful advice on where to stay during my upcoming visit!! :)

I know alot of ladies stay in Independance, Ohio.....just south of Cleveland.

Why thank you sweetheart!! :)

Be careful in Independence,  its a great location but be sure you screen everyone.  LE is very vigilant about keeping the city clean.

Another good area if you are in Cleveland is Brookpark - its fairly close to the airport, lots of businesses around and its right off the interstate.

you might also want to consider going to Columbus if you are touring in Ohio.  Lots of great guys in the Columubs area as well.

Thank you so much sexxxy mamma!! :) This info is incredibly helpful. You look and sound like an amazing woman. You rock my world..


Independence    most central
Westlake    West
Beachwood   East
North Olmsted is very close to airport and has a mall right there and plenty of restaurants, close to highways

I have to disagree about Brook park, kinda seedy and there are no good amenities, unless you like strip joints
Avoid downtown cleveland

coming our way!!
Ya don't wanna miss this hottie!!

DAMN You are maiking me blush!!! You are such a sweetheart :)

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coming our way!!
Ya don't wanna miss this hottie!!

Looking forward to your visit

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!!!!!!! Whats a girl to do!??? :)

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