Went to California for a bucket list.....
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To see a provider at her incall?  I live in Canton and routinely end up in Ceveland so, about an hour.  What's the farthest you've travelled?  I did go to Columbus once on a Saturday for a less than memorable session a long time ago.

i go to columbus every couple months(more when britney was around)to see someone that looks promising.i drove to cinncy just to see if the famous tonguetwister on idnys(voted #1 on a small poll recently there).iam going to travel more to see some different local talent,becuase outside of couple a haven't seen in cleveland(izibella laski(sp) comes to mind)i've  down to that and the visitng girls(usually not as hot as picks and i don't think many are low-volumeif you get what i mean).is it just me or does columbus seem to getting more and more youn,hotties?

I have gone, with one exception, I did travel about an hour and a half once, only because I really didn't know how far away she was, but did schedule 2 hours, my only 2 hr date ever.  I haven't made that mistake again.  Where I live, to see anyone, even locally, requires travel time of 30-45 minutes minimum.  Everything is just real spread out here where I am in the Tampa, Florida area.


to N. Carolina. ( twice )
Incall was on the property of Duke University. Awesome Hotel!!
The lady had kinda become a friend, so, i really wanted to meet her.
2nd trip there, i stayed with her as a friend for a few days. ( at her place )

Orlando to Sarasota for my first doubles experience....

And I'll be traveling from Cleveland to Phoenix next month to see my two of my ATFs, as well as make a few new friends....  1,738 air miles with a direct flight.


I flew to Toronto back in September. A little french girl got me interested and there is a direct flight from Columbus. :)

It was well worth the flight.

Most the time one to two hours is the upper end, but if it is someone I have wanted to meet for a long time, or a favorite who I have been missing, I will go much farther.  Fartherst I have gine?  Probably 2400 miles.  But that was (and is) an exceptional lady.

In my first couple years in the hobby I took a couple trips to Columbus, that was two hours. They were decent experiances but the drives just made me come to the realization that it was way too much work to get tail..

I normally set appointments up that are 1 hour in duration, if the time spent on the road (one way for that matter) is longer than that hour I just can't make myself go through with that. I sometimes consider it, recently there was a touring girl that I really wanted to see that was in Indy, just short of two hours, but I couldn't make myself do that.

The dealbreaker for me is the rate of cancellations that you get from the providers. It is bad and disappointing enough when you drive 20 minutes and get stood up. That is one VERY long drive back if you travel a number of hours and don't get an anwser on the phone when you show up. They are just too common, the cancellations, for me to entertain a trip of over an hour.

If I am out of town on business that is one thing, but making a trek of over an hour to see a provider is just too much time and trouble in my opinion.

Amen Slim!!!  As I told you, that sour taste has kept me from heading to Cincinnati even though the one that stood me up has contacted to ''make nice''.  An illness kept me home but I am just not eager  to blow that much time again...

I have driven close to an hour a couple times and am considering a couple drives to see providers in other parts of the state that would be closer to one and a half to two hours. But being a guy that hates traffic and driving more than half an hour i'm going to have to think long and hard before i consider taking those longer drives.

for one of the hottest couple of hours in my life. To top that off, I drove from Indy to Rochester NY to meet a Miami Companions girl (Krissy) with no reviews. She may be my ATF for purely personal reasons. That was 2 weeks before they got busted. I mourned for months, well, sorta.  No idea what happened to her.  I've flown to Dallas, TX, and got stood up by a sure thing, and hooked up with a girl who was notorious for standing guys up, so much that on the old ASPD, her nickname "Hooter" became synonymous with being stood up.  I did later in fact get "Hootered" but I think that was someone else's fault.  You win some, you lose some.  I'm batting about 500.

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