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Re: So does that mean...
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That these guys probably will testify against their bosses. There is no way that two pimps and their bookers could effectively control over 100 woman.

Earlier this morning I was on the board reading postings. There was a posting about the defendants in fed court had all pleaded guilty to charges. It has been taken down. Any help here. The first line was something about where is the client list

I have no idea why this post was taken down.  Couldn't find anything in the TER policy that forbids it.  Seems very relevant to me and it's published in open media.  If the link to the article can't be explicitly posted here on TER for whatever reason, a Google search on "news washington dc prostitution" will certainly get you the news article you're looking for.

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With names and agencies removed. Someone else posted the link to my post. Then faster than you can pull a pussy hair whisker the post was removed.  Like the other post said you can google it. I thought it was relevant to the board discussion since 3 agencies was mentioned. The article mentioned that the total that the two pimps brought in was $3.4 million. I pimp got $1.8 million the other pimp got $1.6 million. One of the pimp run agencies had more than 50 providers in his operation, the other agency had more than 100 providers working for him. The article mentioned 3 agency names, one the agencies had 2 different names.

We have some political correctness folks who don't like posting about LE stuff because they think it is negative and/or impacts business. Shame because everyone needs to be safe. They share information amongst themselves but not the community. I am sure one of them flagged my edited post.

Will give you the most detailed article written by a staff writer from the Washington Examiner. I am glad these two scumbags pleaded guilty and will be convicted. They sure give prostitution a bad name. LOL.

Do you always have to talk about gloomy stuff like this? Also, leave the providers alone! You come here always trying to fish for their info. Everyone,  should just leave them alone, including IRS. Stop coming here and trying to stir some pot. It is over and they want to go handle other cases their hands are tied to.

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