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I've been around a while and have seen some REAL top ladies in the past.  They were literally drop dead gorgeous, stunningly beautiful, and breath taking. They knew what they were doing and could really give a full GFE session. Their reviews were top notch primo and none were fabricated because I knew who wrote them.

So the new 'highly praised' ladies in town have review scores deviating all over the place. Makes me wonder if some were fabricated but just for kicks, shits, and grins, I've given some of these new faces in town a throw.

All I can say is, I'd rather sit home and take matters into my own hands for now.

yeah man.. Care to share ?

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Go check it out. Sorry things didnt work out the way you hoped...

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oh well... don't say I didn't warn people.
girls not much better than street walkers are taking over DC as "highly praised". lol

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A couple BP providers that I saw told me they have done street walking. One admitted that she could not make ends meeting just having an internet presence.

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I had a post about 3 agencies that got busted that go removed because another poster posted the link to the article. Those agencies were major providers of GFE services in the DC area. To fill in the gap a lot of new unreviewed BP providers have showed up.

that unreviewed BP girls were always there, but they are getting more attention due to departure of the aforementioned agencies.

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It is mind boggling to see how many are showing up. Making all the crazy mistakes and doing down right dangerous things that is causing hotels to watch for hobby activity. I have rolled the dice and found a few that give GFE services, but the majority are cbj, no kissing and think they are super fine. I made the mistake of seeing one that had 2 infants laying on the living room floor, 3 of her other relatives in the living room and a toddler running around when I came into the incall. To top things off she did not even clean her underarms. Had a  good time, but had to stop at the gym to wash because she soaked my balls with cum. She gave a smile and told me she need to get the stress out, lol. She told me not to post a review because LE busted her in the past (2 different DMV jurisdictions)  and is watching for her. I thought being a suburbs I would not run into a hood rat, lol.

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Got to wonder what was going through the toddler's mind when he is seeing unknown men going into the bedroom with his aunt/mother. The 2nd time I saw her her kids were suppose to be asleep, she had to cut things because one of the infants was crying. SHe was scared that the pre-schooler would walk out in catch us in the living room, lol. I stopped seeing her after that.

Unless you are just that hard up?  I would not even get a boner in that environment.

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