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I think you missed the point..confused_smile
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Pats on the back should not be the motivating factor in posting mini reviews.

The reason why I’ve decided to stop doing minis is because it’s the same guys who do them all the time. I’m done sharing with the rest of the masses who benefit from the info but never contribute. Especially the jerks that think they know what they are talking about and make nasty comments while hiding behind an alias. I just don’t need the aggravation and drama. But if the current situation changes I might start again.
I do send info to the guys who used to do minis and contribute regularly and they do the same for me.  

For what it's worth, I always value comments from guys like Beef and consider all minis and reviews as one man's opinion and, most importantly, YMMV!  Thanks again.

3 or 4 less agencies in DC with a multilpicity of ladies located throughout the region.

Sorry for sounding like a noob, but what's the purpose of mini when ter already have a review feature? For non-vips?

Minis are only allowed for visiting ladies. Given that it can take several days for a full review to appear, a mini can get the word out quickly, before she's gone. I agree with BeeF; I've stopped postings for the same reason.

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and anything negative about them had nothing to do with your appearance scores.
Hopefully you will continue to post them.

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A6steve's mini's are only on ladies who work for agencies he has a personal interest in, by his own admission.

Since a provider may only be touring for a few days at a time and reviews take a few days to post, having mini's will give hobbyists the opportunity to feel out what the provider is like before it is too late.

Nowadays, reviews usually get posted in less than a day so I find there is no need to write minis anymore.

Personally speaking, I've jumped in/out of the hobby life, and never posted reviews or mini's.
Based off the last mini that was posted by Beefeater500, and the responses he received- for which I personally feel the negative ones were completely unnecessary- I have decided to only post reviews and do no mini's.  My reasoning is I don't have the time to defend my rationalizations to people that don't know me and also to java6996's point- reviews are getting approved in what seems record times.  I appreciate mini's, but don't have time to explain my tastes to others.  The information is provided  "take it and go"- don't bash or question those that provide the information.
Also, it seems to me, if you would like clarification on a lady- ask politely- this community has been more than helpful in providing me with information so that I can make an informed decision to see a lady or not.  
I hope everybody has a great day!

What exactly is a mini?  I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with skirts or dresses though-haha!


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