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Hispanic can certainly include Colombians...
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and anyone who has ancestry traceable to Spain.

I've convinced myself that this woman behind the pics is playing a bait and switch. Through searching her pics it suggests the pics are from a playboy model named Ashley Nicole Arthur. Google the phone number and this number is attached to several different girls of dubious distinction. The Eros add claims justly of 100% real photos (Yea of someone else). The photos are hot enough to make me crawl for a mile just to see her in the flesh. So she is the bait, I wonder what the switch girl looks like, I'll bet it wasn't worth that mile crawl to see her!

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The pictures yield too many results, and as you mentioned, her phone number shows different ads of different girls. These are not good signs. More than likely, it is a bait and switch. It's highly unlikely that its the real Ashley Nicole. I've read through her profiles, and she seems to have established a nice career in modeling.

What I find interesting is she is using her exact stats, such as height, weight, eye color, breast size, hips, and waist. However, she has made a few errors. In her Ero's ad, she mentioned that she is Colombian, but, Ashley Nicole is actually Hispanic. There is a difference, although not the language itself, but their ethnonym or ethnics. Hispanic does not encompasses the region of Columbia as well. Also, Ashley Nicole is over 26 years of age, and not 23 as stated in her Ero's (but, most girls will lie about their age).

She say's she is a passionate Colombian in  her ad, which is true, she must be a Colombian. Most Colombians associate themselves as just that, "Colombians", and not Latino's or Hispanics. I've been lied to way too many times to count when their ad says "pictures are 100% accurate". Yeah, that's what they all say until you show up. Believe me bro, I've TOFTT many times on girls that claim pictures are 100%, and even on the phone too. It just shows you their character, and how low they'll go to stoop clients and rip them off.

included Colombians. I am sure that there is a definitive answer, I just don't want to look for it. I'm too lazy papi. Anyhow, she's a B&S, hopefully we can agree to that.

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