Washington DC

If it's the Asian Christine that traveled between DC and Cali then YES! Very fond memories!!
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First hobby experience years ago! (and my second thru umpteen).  A real treat of a hottie.  I think she was in L.A. as well.  Cute as could be and as nice and pleasant as one would expect from our other GFE+ friends.  I wish her well wherever she is!

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I think she retired.

imanalias460 reads

Yes I remember her well. Would purr like a kitten. But when I met her it was before she went indy, her name was Kelli.

She still has a profile here

Someone must have worked hard to remove all her pictures. Can find one but it's a thumbnail. I happened to save a couple I had long forgotten about.

noagenosage235 reads

What a treat she was!  One of the best.  I called on her one year around Christmas time and her nice apt was chockablock with teddy bears and other stuffed pets, in addition to her live cats.  She looked very pleased.  Christine returned about 1.5 years ago or thereabouts for about a week but to my knowledge that was her last time here.

I thought you were talking about the other asian Christine, my ATF. Got a little excited that you maybe had news she was back in town. Last time I saw her back in Jan she said she'd be coming back in May but i havent seen or heard a peep. Anyone else heard anything?


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