Washington DC

Ugh....can't think of anything more unappealing......
Blowtorch333 2 Reviews 1025 reads

than standing around with a bunch of hard ons wating to bang a $100 FB skank!

I'm not confident you're going to get your needs met here, this probably isn't the correct venue.

My I suggest one of the many Swinger or dedicated gang bang sites out there.
Just do a google search and try sites which  list adult yahoo groups.


Lee Dreams
"It's all about integrity."

MrObviousToYou455 reads

There are plenty of ads in the Washington DC escort section about GB parties. You pay $100 or so, and you get to fuck about four girls, if you don't mind looking at five or six other dudes within a three hour period. If you bring a girl and she participates, you can fuck for free.

Believe it or not, you'll actually find some on adult friend finder.  I know those sites can be skeptical; but I've come across a lot of profiles of women that are looking for just that.

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