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I haven't search the photos. I'm too lazy you guys. Someone can report that (End of Message)regular_smile
McDonald000 90 Reviews 175 reads


I was unable to find reviews.  Looks too good to be true.

DickyJones223 reads

But don't give away your CC info, just for ur caution

This agency is total scam. You'd be a fool to waste your money on them. You can tell by the glamour photos that these are NOT the providers that will greet you at the door.


private viewing from both of those reviews. My memory is not that great, but, it said that they do nude private viewing, and the scores were 8/6, and the cost was $160 an hour.

I think they do messages and all of that junk they list, but, I doubt they provide the actual escort we've hobbyist are looking for. I didn't have time to verify the photo's, so, you can do it yourself.But, they do provide private viewing if your into that.

but are they the providers in the photos? I really doubt it. It's fine that they do Private Viewing only, but I don't buy the photographs. This looks like bait and switch to me.

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