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You'll be cool alright in Anchorage.  God, that must suck to be sent up there for 3 mo.

As many of you are aware of, I will be relocating to Ohio in a couple of months. I'm curious as to why the Ohio board lacks luster. There doesn't appear to be ample participation, like on my current Florida board. In addition, there's no theme day. Are the ladies not aware that theme days are a form of free marketing and the best part is, it doesn't count against your weekly advertisement. Is TER not affluent in Ohio? Are there just not enough ladies, in Ohio, who are willing to participate here?

Paris Bouvier

These are good questions.  The Ohio Board is relatively new and there are a half dozen or so active posters.  Not too many providers post here.  Don't know why.  TER isn't as big here as Indys.com which seems to be the main Ohio Board although it would be nice if this board was more active

First, I would like to say welcome. You might be exactly what we need to turn this new board into a useful tool that it is designed to be. Ohio board has a lot going against it but has potential to become something much more. The problems are many but the main ones are that Ohio has few what I would call upscale providers as yourself and fewer who use the boards to develop relationships. ( I am five drinks in already so forgive me for my grammer.) Ohio has become a ground for travelers to stop in for three or four days and come back in three or four months. Backpage is also very popular which I will never understand. I am guilty as well for not contributing for I find myself on other city boards that I travel to for buisness creating friendships and M&G invites because there is so much more energy. There are great guys in ohio who have the coin to be great friends, unfortunatley they are not able to find what they are looking for because no ladies use this board and the energy dies. If you look at the top ten list of providers for cleveland how many of those actually use the board? There needs to be more involvement from both sides....give me a pm Ill help you with good touring spots and can not wait to meet you.

I am guilty of not posting that much.  

I have been a long time lurker  - I come in, read the boards, post occasionally and then disappear for a few days.  I have been wanting on the provider board because I want the resources that are privy just to the ladies as well as to be able to talk candidly about how things are going would be nice.

But after the third rejection because I am not active enough in the forums - I started posting more.  I think I've posted more in the past couple of days than I have in the past month.

And all of a sudden I am getting calls and emails from TER guys.  Before I got involved on the boards, it was rare that I heard from a TER guy unless he was a member of a differnt site that I belong to.

Hopefully other Ohio providers realize that to get TER guys attention, they need to make it known they are around.

Now as for theme day ... I dont have that many pictures  - I really need to get someone who wants to play with the camera to contact me so we can have some fun.

I second the sentiment..One of the issues I see is that there are many free loaders who want to read the posts but do not want to enhance the discussion..I have tried to answer some of the questions here and then you don't even hear any comments from the person who posted..Ditto for the ladies..Look at the Indys board..There is all kind of banter going on there in the Ohio room...This is supposed to be a team, a community and we are supposed to learn from each others' experience and knowledge. It is not just about posting a review, which is a good start..

curious why you've only submitted 1 review so far?
how do you typically share your insigts/experience w/ women for other ter men?

I joined TER in the middle of last year...That's when I started the hobby..Soon after, I joined Indys and have posted a few reviews there..On this board, I participate, usually when fellow bro has a question about location or other issue and has typically used my alias...Of course, we won't be able to do that anymore which is OK...My comment was specifically about the Ohio board and not the reviews themselves. ..But, point, well taken..

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Paris, there were some efforts a while back to try to start a pic theme day, but there was little or no response, so they gave up.  I have noticed more participation here lately, which is good.  I really don't know about the quantity of providers throughout the state, being in FL.  My guess is many of them are still unaware of this site, as it was mentioned that there is another site that's pretty big up there.  I haven't seen it, but I'm going to check it out.

I will say, I enjoyed my time as the Ohio moderator, and I still look in at the board every so often.  I'm sure there are some very nice providers and hobbyists in Ohio, maybe they just need some one like you, Paris, to get things started.


mostly on the GD board.
Stop here once in awhile, to check out what ladies may be coming through.
Yes, i'm a buckeye.
Maybe now Paris, we can all start hanging out here alot more.
All the guys here seem pretty cool!

You'll be cool alright in Anchorage.  God, that must suck to be sent up there for 3 mo.

I look at it this way.
Since i haven't had a real paycheck in almost 2 yrs, they could send me to bum-fuck Egypt!!  lol
Time to get that hobby stash, built back up!!!

maybe you can be nailin' Palin while you are up there!

She's beautiful...i would love to nail her!!!   lol

I listened to her speak, at a political conference in Washington DC this afternoon, prior to my departure. She's a very attractive woman!

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