how do you handle the following...............
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many providers have an entire section of their ads dedicated to hygiene and what they expect from a client. Like,
"I shower and rinse with mouthwash, please do the same". I, personally shower out of respect. Here's where I'm not sure how to handle. I love DATY and on several occasions it's not a pleasant aroma. Not completely disgusting, but enough to change my mind regarding that activity. Shouldn't they follow the same standards they place on the client? How do you tell a Lady that she needs to freshen up? It's become a real concern of mine because some of the providers are well known and well reviewed. Do you tell her or not.................

now that was a great link but I would prefer to not be dining on a salad flavored vagina.

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You could pick your flavor and add it to the email.   Four delicately fragrances: Country Flowers, Fresh Mountain Breeze, Fresh Baby Powder Scent, and Spring Rain Freshness.

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I think it would be insensitive to tell a lady she stinks to each his own though. You could suggest Showering together. To me that's just fucking lazy not to shower before a session, it only take five minutes tops!

Tip... let her know when scheduling that you're a TER reviewer and that you write reviews i guarantee those unpleasant aromas that you smell will go away!!

good freinds I would tell her BUT be nice about it. Maybe you could say "honey I am worried that you need to go to the Dr because something doesnt smell right " Tell her you are really concerned for HER. Maybe she will understand :) If not then I guess she will find out one way or another
Better to come from a friend in private than a new gent in a review IMHO :)
She may even thank you who knows
Hope this helps
Hugs and kisses

Yes, if something smells FOUL, she may have a mild infection and just needs a strong strain of antibiotics. Also, eating habits, etc. can play a factor. The shower/bath suggestion is a good idea. Or you could just send a nice e-mail before every appointment reminding her you really like DATY and this should help her to know without coming out and saying it.

I always clean thoroughly before and after a session. I would like to point out to the men here that sometimes the aroma (which is highly affected by PH levels) is just her body preparing for 'that time' of the month. If you are her good regular I suggest a nice "hey sweetie I just want to let you know you are a little strong right now" and use a flavored lube for playtime. For a newer client I suggest you take the high road and dont DATY or suggest a shower together and wash each other ;)

*FYI men, wash those funballs thoroughly and you will be rewarded!!!!

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i had the same problem before.the provider was a very good friend she was not as fresh as normal for daty so i did not dine this time.while i was getting readey she asked me what was wrong today that is when i said to her she was not as freah down there as she normally is.she was embarrsed at first but the next day we talked and she thanked me.the next session was on her.

This is the Ph balance has gone bad and it is easily cured in 24 hours by over the counter $20 products you can pick up in Walmart. (aka yeast infection, just make sure it says 24 hours on the label)

IF it applies.. but you must.  It Could be numerous things besides just previously being used. Also was it a first appointment or is there a rapour between you? There are woman that naturally have an aroma. Certain hobbyists seek them out. Gently and kindly say one sec hon... go to the bathroom and wet and soap up a cloth... Come back and tell her.. IF its the first time that youve seen her.. Its your routine. you like to get in there and clean it up so I can get just that much closer or something....Make it fun :) :)  IF you have seen her many times... should know her well enough to break it to her gently...


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