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Let's keep the nonsense on the General board.

Tell ya what, i'm usually into the spinner type gals, but, you guys have one lady down this way, that makes my dick harder than any spinner type, i've ever seen!! ( her pics, that is ) Can't really pin-point what makes her so Erotic, but she is.
Have any of you guys experienced this same feeling? She was not really the type you were looking for, but now that you've seen her pics, you HAVE to!

Alias_Schmalias607 reads

Let's keep the nonsense on the General board.

the only nonsense i see, is your reply.

You can save your pennies and visit us in 2014. Maybe if you are lucky she will still be working.

Who needs to pay?
Nevermind, your not smart enough to understand.

Sorry, but, i can't wait that long to see her. ( breaking open piggy bank now )

IOU? Hell, i get freebies...i would tell u how to go about it, but, nah!!

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