A Pops Rocks BBBJ - Holy Phuck !
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Trying very hard stay conscious , head spinning ,
Crap , losing blood flow to large head .
Knees starting to buckle ...........
Feeling woozy ...............

THUD !!!!!

gents can you weigh in, please?

Of the following items...which items have you tried/not tried? If you tried them, were they a "hit" or a "miss" in your eyes? If you have not tried them? Would you like to or not like to try them in the future?

1. Cock rings or vibrating cock rings2
2. candied bbbjs...altoid, bj blast or pop rocks
3. prostate massage...finger and/or small vibrating massager
4. larger toys like liberator, swing or bondage web
5. Role play

Thanks a bunch for playing along.

These are fun versus who is the best something as I am always afraid to hurt someones feelings.

1. Have always wanted to try a Cock ring, but haven't.  Afraid a vibrating one might bring the end to fast.
2. Altoids and life savers are a lot of fun, both for daty and BBBJ.  Also once had someone that used warm tea in her mouth,  interesting sensation
3. I don't want to steal the thread, but would love thoughts on prostate.  Was only ever offered once.  Was interested, but wasn't sure how "clean" I would be.  I know ladies prepare for greek.  Would love to try by someone experienced.
4. have yet to try a liberator - (who owns one?) But swings can be a lot of fun, especially for group play when you can spin her around.
5. I have been looking for a good role play.  Would love to be the mean boss or the strict school teacher.  GFE is nice, but would love something more creative.

Looking forward to others answers.

Trying very hard stay conscious , head spinning ,
Crap , losing blood flow to large head .
Knees starting to buckle ...........
Feeling woozy ...............

THUD !!!!!

You're so creative (I love it)!  I actually would love to role play.  As far as the list...#3 was the only thing that I experienced.

Honestly...I liked it, but it did test my manhood a bit :)

I bet as I get more experienced more options will open pun intended.

Last thing I'll mention, and I don't assume that I speak for all men, but I think many of us really like the idea of turning our dates on.  I get great pleasure knowing that I satisfying my date.  Obviously I'd like it to be real and not faked, but a stroke of a man's ego just may be as exciting as any of the items on your list.


1) Limited experience, but it was fun
2) I like the Altoid BBBJ, and the Altoid DATY is also fun.  Don't like the sticky sweet toys...
3) LOVE the prostate fun.  Fingers and toys...I'm a slut.
4) Done a few, enjoyed some, others not so much.  I tend to enjoy it in relationship to how much the woman is into it.  I've got a few provider friends who are really into it, subsequently, so am I.
5) Role play...ahhhh it can be fun, but not a major thing for me.

just need to get laid more. This may be a bit off topic but has anyone else noticed the new tooth brush out by Oral B? It's called the Pulsar. A disposable vibrating tooth brush with technology that belongs in the adult toy industry. Totally waterproof, strong vibrations and a handle shaped like a g spot vibe. I'm serious. the switch is so cool ;just two bumps that are pushed for on or off. Check it out next time you go to a store. I think they either have or should collaborate with the toy makers...sorry if this is too off topic just woody's tip for the day....

For me personally...

1. Never tried and I guess I am mildly curious.
2. Pop rocks would be interesting. The Altoids didn't do much for me.
3. I like that when the mood strikes. Usually when I am very comfortable with the person I am with.
4. For you,, no.
5. Never tried it...I've been kinds sheltered! LOL

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