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I'm wondering how many guys/girls like the idea of golden shower play?regular_smile
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What's there not to like?

I'm wondering how many guys/girls like the idea of golden shower play? There's a provider in my area who's main marketing gimmick focuses around giving golden showers. She's been around for a while and is everywhere I look so must be doing well. She intrigues me and my curiosity is piqued so thought I'd pose the question and see if anyone answers.

To each his own, but I just don't see how that could be interesting or erotic.

thrust her tongue deep into your 75yo rectum !!

Ok. I go to a steakhouse,  order a porterhouse medium rare. Some mashed potatoes,  some broccoli.  Maybe baked clams too. When the waiter brings the food, I say thank you. Then pull out my dick, and piss all over it, pay the check and go home. Get my point? I mean... Ok I pissed in your hair. Now what?
It will be a long time, possibly forever before I will be able to grasp that concept as sexual. Seems to come from a degrading mode of thinking thatof dose nothing for me.
To each his own... There are alot weirder things in the hobby.

I dunno if many girls like it BUT I do know you can pay many to like it lol.

What's there not to like?

I've had as many private responses as public telling me that they've experimented or are interested in shower play so the jury is still out –

Same idea.....   Look, if it makes you happy it is not my place to judge, but I wonder what the experts would say the psychosexual drivers are for getting pissed on?  And there are some who take it one step further.   As the great philosopher sly stone once said, "different strokes for different folks".

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