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PhilAsheo 626 reads

opinion that's all and I don't think I'm alone.

But thanks for not calling me an "Internet troll".  :)

Looking for an independent or AMP that provides the best rimming and just an all-around ass massage

the Queen of sex with over 500 favorable TER reviews. Besides her remarkable sexually uninhibited accomodating service, she is beatuiful and charming and is a one in a lifetime experience. When G-D made Gina Rollins, he (or is it she?), threw the mold away. Highly recommended.

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Thanks for the reply.  She is priced a little out of my range.  Anyone that is more affordable?

You just need to decide which way to go....

Red or blond.


Nitro91117 reads

Rachael at is absolutely awesome with rimming and probably comes closer to your price point.  The photos on the website are highly accurate (she is hot!).
Also check out Candice Lepaz -- all I can say about that is WOW!
Don't disagree with the others that were already mentioned in the previous posts but they are pricier than what I suggested here.  This particular service is in pretty limited supply and worse yet is often listed as a service in the services offered section on a profile when in fact it really isn't particularly on the menu so at this point you pretty much have all there is to choose from at least in terms of top shelf providers.  Of course, the best of all time IMHO was the now retired Elizabeth Andersson. Triuly off the charts! I keep hoping that ship comes back to port!

It's just another way to have fun.


PhilAsheo627 reads

opinion that's all and I don't think I'm alone.

But thanks for not calling me an "Internet troll".  :)

Posted By: nycad
It's just another way to have fun.

I agree and I pride myself in providing an awesome experience for those who wish to divulge in it. For those that dont's ok I have other talents LOL. However I feel that the art of rimming is an erotic sensation so much different for men and not many women provide it. So its just one more thing in life for a man to experience and ENJOY. Enjoy being the key word!
My reviews speak for themselves as far as rimming/prostate massage and squirting (not every guy even knows what squirting is about LOL) and just an FYII will be visiting NYC with my GF Jasmin in July. The other concern with rimming is cleanliness and most providers who do provide these session know the importance of it. I dont care whether or not you have taken a shower or not (I still will clean you religiously). Thats fun too!  Just my input and I like to participate in conversations that interest me. This being one of them! Hugs and Licks SexyJoJo

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If people are talking about something they like, and you randomly chime in that you don't care for that, you are nothing more than an Internet troll.  

It's no different than someone posting a thread asking for advice on girls in Queens, and you chiming in that you only hobby in Manhattan.  It is completely off topic and contributes nothing to the conversation, other than your own need to hear yourself talk.

PhilAsheo551 reads

I'm sure you wouldn't mind if I said I HAD a fascination with it would you?  Then you'd be applauding me.  You're pretty transparent dude ... and it's NOT off topic at all.

And as far as "randomly" chiming in, that's what a discussion board is!  

The Invisible Man465 reads

Believe it or not, the world doesn't revolve around you.  I wouldn't be applauding you if you said you liked rimming.  I don't care what you do or don't like.

If someone starts a discussion saying "Say, what do you all think of rimming?" then that would be an appropriate time to say that it's not for you.

But in this case someone asked "where can I find someone who is good at this service" and you chimed in with the fact that you don't like it.  No one cares.  get over yourself.

I can attest to seeing Rachael twist that she is Awesome at it!

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