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Why consider an expensive unreviewed model when there are so many TER reviewed available?-See Pixregular_smile
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appreciate any info on "unreviewed model from Czech Republic"

I've been with better looking girls for only $300-$400. That girl is asking 1K "introductory" hour. Pssshh..

He's obviously interested in meeting her.  He asked for information, not finger-waging and subtle resentment of providers that are out of your price range.

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Agreed.  Leave the guy alone.  He is asking for information, and I can see why he or others would consider seeing her.  There is a certain appeal to seeing a guy who is UTR and who hasn't fucked hundreds of men (if only because it's not obvious through having a dozen pages of reviews).

To the OP...wish I had information.  She looks great.  Good luck.

Oh and just because girls are not reviewed doesnt mean the fucked less guys, i can name plenty of "UTR" that are more active, hence the title "UTR" just because the don't advertise don't mean they're not handling business AS much as us.

I would say do what you want, as a provider i never say not to go see another girl, not a good look, but if you do come back posting something, and its bad, well you know the rest


Id say you might want to google a few things and see what you find :)

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