Re: If I'm paying, no thank you! eom
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Earning your "Red wings" ? After all most women are Hornier around that time.

Krunchie571 reads must go through monthly re-qualification to keep them on your uniform.

ATLDAWG518 reads

Wirh earning my wings and then constantly requalifying!!  Reminds you of the good ol' days when you learned at an early age to never pass up an opportunity because you had no idea when the next opportunity would present itself!

I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

[When the amusement park's main wet slide attraction is down for monthly maintenance.]

frespch420 reads

I don't want any hint of the monthly cycle.

With my SO it is one thing, we just jump in the shower and go at it like rabbits but when I am paying a provider I want it all nice and clean.

ATLDAWG331 reads

Amen-Ketchup just adds to the overall "Ball Park Experience!!"

Alias_Schmalias318 reads

Learning the terminology might help.

So once you know what it is and, like some of the other posters, don't mind ingesting the blood, tissue, and leukorrhea of a person you barely know that has sex with multiple partners....go for it.


'Although it is believed to be involving oral sex it actually refers to the bloody smears on the front of the thighs and groin after having sex with a woman on her period.'

"she was on the rag, but i didnt care, i learned to fly with my red wings"

Can't imagine someone performing oral on a menstruating woman!  Eeeekkkk!

  PS: when my ride is closed I'm staying home!

There was a thread on another board about guys wanting providers to give them their poopy panties. Move this to the fetish board.


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