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I have been wondering lately about an old wives tale.  Oysters are ok but I don't find they really do anything for me.  While I love chocolate, and according to many studies, chocolate releases endorphins in the brain like sex does. To be honest when in the throws of passion,cool whip,champagne, maple syrup, creamy caramel,pop rocks "put it in your much before oral" and strawberries are what I love to play with.  
What's the food that gets you in the mood? And what sexy foods to you like to play with..

Princess Sydnee'

But as cliche as it may be, my personal favorite is probably a huge lollipop, it is so deliciously mischievous and lolita-esque! And I have the heart shaped glasses to go with it too hehe

I recently had my first Pop Rocks BBBJ experience, and I must say it was *awesome*  Highly recommend the ladies offer it/the guys give it a try!

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