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Tight Jeans/Blue Lace Panty & Bra Pic #2 - I'd LOVE to straddle YOU instead of this chair
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When you think of the perfect date, what comes to mind? Perhaps something like this???

All eyes will be on my long, slender, and voluptuous frame as I enter the lounge to take a seat and wait for you. You’ll have no problem identifying me as I’ll be the darkest, most delectable morsel in the room. I’ll be wearing a curve hugging, low cut, ample cleavage revealing, black satin dress with killer stilettos [with nothing underneath by the way]. My smooth dark complexion shimmering under the dim lights and silky black hair flowing, I gracefully float across the room and find two seats at the bar.

I lower myself into the seat with a most distinct arch, displaying my perfectly proportioned bottom with prominence. I motion to the bartender in a sensual manner as he comes over with eyes glued to my 34E bundles of fun [I’m flattered]. I order my favorite cocktail - a cosmopolitan, as my green eyes carefully skim the room in anticipation of your arrival. My full red lips caress the glass as the taste of vodka and cranberry overwhelm my taste buds. Lowering my glass, I softly lick the residue from my lips in a sexually suggestive manner in case another man is watching. I’m aroused by the thought...

You arrive, and after greeting me with a nervous kiss, you take the seat next to me and I immediately whisper to you “move closer, I want to be able to feel you.” To help you relax, I begin to stroke your knee and take your hand and place it on my exposed inner thigh so you can feel the warm sensation being generated from my lady garden. I lean in close, allowing you to take in my pheromone of choice and softly kiss you on the lips. After a few more moments of fondling, flirting over cocktails/appetizers, soft kisses, and whispered sweet nothings, I’ll motion as if I’m going to whisper in your hear, but instead I stroke your earlobe with my tongue as I gently brush over your manhood. Needless to say, I’m moist and more than ready to “get to know you a little better” *winks*

In harmony and anxious anticipation of what’s to come, we move to adjourn behind closed doors for an UNFORGETTABLE Honeymoon Fantasy Experience [insert your most graphic and dirtiest imaginary here]. *winks*

You didn’t expect me to give away ALL the juicy details did ya? LOLOL Guess we’ll just have to make our own ending.

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