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I am getting hate letters in the mail....snail mail.....
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They are so silly....talking about me being  a slut and a whore, NOT a courtesan. I guess they think sex is a VERY BAD thing. They speak of me being married twice, which they say makes me a whore. Gosh, I know a lot of whores then too! haha! They speak of very personal info and even sent a pic of my home (a pic off of google maps though)...and they say they "wonder which room is my bedroom! They say I fucked a pimp.....which I never did.
They say I will go to jail and that no one will be there to help the drug addict whore Hilary Holiday....It goes on and on and strange!
Maybe it's blackmail??
But I have children and they are very threatening. Im coming to the boards because I am so baffled. Im thankful of this industry and how it has helped me....thank god I am moving out of it can be tough on a girl too!
Everyone knows who I am and I show my face......I have no family, so that doesn't matter to me, even though they threaten to expose me to friends and family! I really have nothing to hide, so Im not sure what they want? No motives have been stated. All the person or persons seem to be doing is trying to make me feel "less than".....
Im not sure if this post is ok, but I am sort of seeking advice from the community.
There is also this same thread posted on the Minnesota board....for more info, comments, etc.
Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.....

Thanks, Hilary

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Call the post office and report them.  The Postal Service has an Inspector's office that is tasked with avoiding such crimes.

There may be something they can do by researching where the mail came from and perhaps tracing it back to the sender, whom I have to assume is annomynous.

You will have to answer questions truthfully however to support the investigation including what you do and how this person might have learned of your address, so perhaps it would be better to just toss the letters away and never open them.  They will probably stop after a while.

Sorry this is happening to you.

I had a lawyer look at them. The writer is threatening me to stop this work or SHE will send out mass mailings and will contact the police as she knows where my incall is. These letters are pretty pathetic with name calling and very bad sentence stucture and grammar and I would LOVE to just throw them away as they are from a bottom dwelling low life that seems to be wasting her life obsessing over me rather than maybe getting an education. I know it's from someone in the industry as she knows alot about my rates, postings on TER and my reviews.
I will, in fact, throw them away after they come back from getting analyzed....if need be. Sending threats via federal mail is a serious offense and I will not hesitate to press charges. She sent a pic of my home and states, "I wonder which bedroom is yours".....ridiculous shit like that. Im not afraid...just pissed off more than anything. Plus, she speaks of my childrena dn wonders if they know that their mom is a whore. Yes, very threatening....Maybe some medication would help her. I guess it could be a HIM. I feel that He/She is very unstable and will stop at nothing to eliminate some competition....


Well it is bad if this person actually knows your home (where you sleep) and your incall location.   Most likely another provider who sees you as competition.  They have spent some time doing research but with the internet, it's not as hard as before.   I would take it seriously...  as you have...  I would step up all your security, just to be prudent.  I would not destroy the mail...  at least not until the threat is passed.  Keep it & any future such in a paper envolupe.  Despite what you see on TV, plastic smudges fingerprints.  
The apparent purpose is to drive you out of business.  Who would benifit?   The inaccuracies make me think it is someone with only a superficial knowledge of you.  Perhaps what might be learned from a client, then plugged into the internet.  
There seem to be some providers who just can't behave properly & love the drama.  I believe in KARMA, & hope it bites them in the arse.
Take care,

I believe in Karma as well....this stuff always comes back, no matter what. That's just how the Universe is. It requires balance.
This person seems extremely upset about a documentary that I have a SMALL part in and she's calling me a "wana be movie star" me, that sounds like petty girl stuff. I mean, would a guy seriously care? To me, it screams a jealous, angry female that wants me to know Im not "all that"....
I did not know about the plastic bags, so thanks for that tidbit of valuable info.
I have a friend that was harrassed by an abusive BF. She was afraid to go to LE because of obvious reasons! BUT that's what the bullies are banking on...that we wont go to police. I think I may have to. I do have some friends in LE that know what I do. I will talk to them also.
She did go to police and his bullying threats didnt affect their case against him in the least.
Im hoping the same for my situation as I will be going to the police if more letters come. Ive already spoken to the post office and they can only go ahead with investigating if the police give the go ahead I guess.
Anyhow, thanks to all who have helpful suggestions on how to deal with this difficult situation.

Luv Hilary

Did your real name appear on the movie credits?   OK, stalker has your home address.  I presume you have a fixed incall that said stalker has also identified.  
I would suggest working through your attorney...  possibly with a PI...  to id your stalker.   You can't do much without an ID.  If you can ID the stalker, it is possible to turn the tables on them.  A Cease & Desist demand to the stalker (proving they are identified) often gets them to back off.  To continue is to ensure mutual destruction.  
A recent News story a lady turned the table on an abusive debt collector who made similar threats...  she won in court though she'll probably not ever see the million dollar judgement for harrassment (the place went out of business).  
I don't suggest contacting the Police without your lawyer who should control what is asked of you.  If you do end up going to the Police, you'll need all the evidence.  

We live in the information age, last I checked!! It does NOT take a smart person to find out details of another person's personal life.  And smart people do not use these details for their scheming and manipulative ways.
I am contacting police. But yes, I am doing it through a lawyer. I am taking the action needed to protect my family against human evil. I do think I know who it is. The letters are being analyzed right now.....I may do something with the info I get if this continues. If SHE stops, I wont continue to engage in this warfare she seems to thrive on, being the drama junkie that she is, but if I get another letter, I will take the necessary stpes. I have many friends and connections and ways of staying safe. And what kind of monster brings children into her childish games? What good mother doesnt become a force to be reckoned with when it comes to protecting her children? And what kind of mother makes a threat against someone else's children?
She is also in the same line of work as I am, but insists on calling me degrading names like hooker and slut. It is cowardly that she cannot just face me and tell me these things in person, or even sign a name!!...... but resorts to this lowly, pathetic form of terrorism and bullying. She doesnt scare me. I have integrity, she does NOT.
For now, Im going to focus on my family and my clients and moving forward with my life. If she continues, well, I have to do what is needed to keep my family safe from this sort of evil.
What she is doing and is threatening to do is a crime with serious consequences. Prostitution is a misdemeanor. She is engaging in felony activity, which doesnt surprise me, given her history. Her prints are already in the database.....Hopefully she is wise enough to go away and do her OWN life.

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