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Passion - Kyra's First Visit to Dallas April 24-26
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The violence is over. They lie apart
They are shapes belonging to no-one or could be
Part of an abstract painting or figure sliding
Upon a Dali sea.
But they are breathing fast still as if they'd been running,
Man and woman, carried by a wind blowing
Out of an open window. Here is passion
Appeased, here is pleasure
Exulted in. And here
Is possible creation. Here could be
Adam and Eve, turning away ashamed.
Here is loss waiting to be redeemed.

~Elizabeth Jennings

Some time ago one of my companions gave me a book of poetry, I thought I would share a favorite from that book. I hope you enjoy it as I believe that it provides a little insight into the kind of person I am and whom it is that you will be spending time with should you choose to meet me. I have always believed it's important to know a little about each other if we are going to spend some time together, it is what makes a connection genuine and being able to relax and genuinely enjoy your company is naturally a priority for me.

If you think we would enjoy a glass of wine, turning the lights down, the music on and stretching out on a nice duvet to forget about the world and it's demands for a few hours, indulging in each others minds and bodies as a playful escape send me a message and I will gladly make all the arrangements.

I will be able to host at my upscale hotel in the Galleria District from April 24-26 or if you prefer I can visit you at your Dallas area hotel. I have always enjoyed meeting with someone that enjoys a quality encounter over a string of mediocre engagements, if this sounds like you please send me an email.


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