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When are they going to do a story on Romney having the Olympic uniforms made in BURMA?
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Never. Because it's not true or more accurately according to Politifact "Mostly False".

What was not talked about was who's decision it was for the design for the USA Olympic Teams uniforms, and who's decision it was to have them manufactured in China. Out of all the outfits of the members of the USA Olympic Team, that did not meet these commentators patriotic standards, why single out Gabby Douglas? Cute, that they got a Black man to do some of the criticizing! I guess that should eliminate any appearance of prejudice! The reality, and they know it, they used Gabby to symbolize their issue of 'not being patriotic enough!'

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I love the fact that she wore an outfit that she looked great in and that she felt comfortable and at her best performing in. If that happened to be a pink leotard..then so be it!


why do you criticize me for making assupmtions when you do it yourself?

how do you know that's why a black man was "chosen"? he comments on all sorts of things.
why do you say "singled out"? she was used as an example but the whole teams unis were mentioned? Are you really trying to make this one more "race issue"? Who benefits from that? Balck people?

are you suggesting he's a "token"?, an Oreo?

just coomenting on the OP,

dialougin', ya know?

Satari, this was misposted to you, it was intended for matt, the guy who never makes assupmtions...:D

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Or, as you would say: "she was used as an example." Yes, she was the only person named, and a picture where she is the only subject was used, which is much different that being in a group photograph. 'Singled out!' What would you speculate was their reasoning for using her "as an example," when there were so many others they could have used?

Singled out! Yes, singled out! If you could put yourself in Gabby's shoe's, can you imagine that you might feel singled out? Could you imagine, being being an athlete, in a sport that has been dominated by whites, that you might feel that FOX's motives had something to do with race.

Regarding assumptions, I think there is a difference when you are assuming something about me personally, like whether I view my opinions as being important versus speculating the intentions of commentators on TV. You're right I don't know. But, as to your question as to "Who benefits from that, that being making it a race issue, it is FOX!  ;)

dude....you cant just cry racism or predjudice or discrimination on everything. you just cant. she has a pair of olympic medals...who cares what someone thought of what she wore? im sure she doesnt, and neither should you.

"who cares what someone thought of what she wore?" they wouldn't have run that segment.   ;)

forgive me if i thought more people out there consider themselves above fox news. if it isnt REAL NEWS, i dont care. im certain ms. douglas doesnt care.  fox news is nothing more than tmz sometimes, i also hear lindsay lohan is a crackhead...just in case anyone wants to make a big fuss about that, since she is white and im not calling out any black crackheads too.

in the words of a so-so man, but a great football player, C'MON MAN

Guys like Sharpton and Jackson may be known as race baiters but is there a bigger group of race baiters than the white liberal?  They have this absolute moral authority as they scream "racist" at every turn.  They feel it is their responsibility to stand up for minorities since they think minorities are incapable of standing up for themselves.  The biggest star and most recognizable figure of the gymnastics team was singled out??!!  Shocker!!

Dude, you already voted for a totally unqualified candidate to be president based on his skin color.  Isn't that enough to chill your white liberal guilt?

White liberal guilt, No you mean Capitalist guilt this effects everyone.

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WELL said!
know u have flak vesk on 'cause the racist, pig, rant will soon be leveled against you.

You assume I voted for Obama because I'm white, and I feel guilty. Actually I was going to vote for that Maverick McCain, because he has some record of working across the aisle, which I feel is needed in order for government to work. That is, until he chose Palin as his running mate. Sorry, but I don't believe someone quitting as governor after a few years makes you qualified to be president or vice-president.   ;)

And are just overall idiots.

When are they going to do a story on Romney having the Olympic uniforms made in BURMA?


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that's a big issue the country is waiting with anxiety ....need to know this to figure out who to vote for.

At this point I consider his posts to be satire.

If our candidate committed crimes, even felonies, when he was young, we don't care.

If uniforms are out-sourced to China when the black guy is in charge, even if he had nothing to do with it, it's an OUTRAGE.

However, if our guy actually sent uniforms to a country KNOWN for massive ABUSES of humans, it "doesn't matter.

Our candidate could bulldoze 1,000 puppies on live TV and we STILL wouldn't rip him.

But, those "dirty liberals" are such "worthless partisan hacks."


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don't recall any righty on this board jumping the O because of where uniforms mfg...did they?

Maybe not.

But on Faux and in Congress, they went crazy over it.

Until Mitt and Burma was brought up.

Then, their "outrage" went away.

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And are just overall idiots.

When are they going to do a story on Romney having the Olympic uniforms made in BURMA?


one of them is in power.....and they've hated blacks longer than the others.......

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