Politics and Religion

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Laffy 2 Reviews 178 reads

He's getting a free pass on the religion thing when Righties talk about Obama's NON-STOP.

And Mitt needs to prove he pays taxes.  My guess is he didn't pay much.

It's pretty fucking funny watching Thumpers slobber all over Mitt because he "loves Israel" when Mormons don't think it's the "holy land" and believe Missouri is instead.

Why is asking Mitt about his Mormonism "off limits" when Righties talked Obama's beliefs 24/7/365?

Guess when you're white, you get a free pass...........

mrnogood161 reads

they believe they're one of the lost tribes..and PART of Israel


It's not so much they don't believe that Israel is the holy land, as much as they believe THEY ARE TOO..

The power Israel has over us now WILL GROW under Romney...

Romney sells off dying businesses [the US economy] to the highest bider overseas.

I'm not saying that's what would happen, but that's his record.

they think Missouri is the "holy land" and that their founder, forget his name, is on par with Jesus.

So, only RACISTS would give him a free pass on not being a "real" Christian while they BLAST Obama.

Israel does have a liberal immigration policy when it comes to Jews and the thirteen tribes!

We all know what the right is, we all know what the left is. Both of these political parties are beyond disgusting.

mrnogood159 reads

finger pointing...with BOTH SIDES saying "well, your side did it too"

GaGambler481 reads

It's bad enough when I find myself agreeing with Willy, who actually was part of one of the few "real" conversations without partisan name calling here yesterday,

Now even ng, who EVERYONE including him/her knows how I feel about, now even ng is starting to sound reasonable compared to the deluge of boorish and boring partisan bickering that has taken over the board of late.

Don't get me wrong, i still consder ng a space cadet, wing nut, and troll in his/her own right, I am only pointing how far this board has fallen when a certified nutjob starts looking like the sane one

Since you bitch non-stop on what we CAN'T discuss on a POLITICS board, tell is what we CAN talk about, Mr. I'm The Board's Grand Master.

"Obama is worse than Satan" while repeating the same lies over and over and over.

Gag was crying his eyes out about "my inability to discuss things" when I found about 5 examples of him completely lying about what I said or completely diverting about what we were talking about.

Righties = biggest hypocrites to walk the face of the earth

GaGambler160 reads

I think I will just head down to Costa Rica to drink and fuck my brains out while the rest of these loser call each other names and "pretend" to debate.

Actually I am at the airport right now.

Cya bitches

you just responded to when he's one of the worst on here.

Or Cartman.

Those guys are complete and total jokes.

They cry 24/7 about OTHERS "being trolls" when they are the very DEFINITION of one.

Cartman and Needle are two of the worst on here.....by FAR.....and you give them a free pass because they stroke your ego.

The day you say, "Quit praising me for ripping trolls when you're even worse than they are" is the day I take you seriously.

Well, when you stop putting words in my mouth too while crying I'm not here to "discuss" things.


Go get drunk and fuck a bunch of ticas

Actually that's not a bad idea...

Too bad daffy duck didn't think of it.. he is 1 knotted up mother fucker

I shouldn't take delight in knowing how much I irritate him but I must confess I do..lol

Let me get this right.

You cry enough tears to fill all the oceans over my "being a troll" and then you LAUGH about being one yourself?

You do know I'm laughing the entire time I'm getting under your skin pointing out what frauds you are, right?

Your buttons are sooooooooooooooo easy to push.

What country do you live in. With personal taxes alone Romney is the guy giving free passes through life to more non- whites than you could stuff in the super dome .

He's getting a free pass on the religion thing when Righties talk about Obama's NON-STOP.

And Mitt needs to prove he pays taxes.  My guess is he didn't pay much.

Has there been a presidential candidate or president in history with a more pathetic resume than Obama's?

and was the biggest fuck-up this country ever saw.

over any of the GoP candidates any day.

Romney - Harvard Business School- Personification Greed and crash and burn for money. Phd in shape shifting.

Newt- History - Family values while carrying on an affair

Sara Palin - Don’t even go there

Bachman - Which planet does she live?

Obama- JD Constitutional Law - Harvard, Law Professor - University of Chicago. The crux of the issue is good businessmen doesn’t make good president because they are not thoughtful, they see everything for profit. Great Presidents of US, and Great Prime Ministers of other lands have all been thoughtful men and women, not some business meant. Successful businessmen and women know they don’t make good politicians. Mitty does too but he running as redemption for his Dad’s loss.

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